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Industry’s first 2A Schottky rectifiers are smallest in class

Diodes Incorporated has announced that its SDT2U30CP3 (30V/2A), SDT2U40CP3 (40V/2A), and SDT2U60CP3 (60V/2A) attain the industry’s highest current densities in their class with low

Power | 21-03-2024

Automotive linear LED driver provides independent controls for brightness and colour

Diodes Incorporated has released a new automotive-compliant linear LED driver that allows users to control the brightness and colour of its three channels independently. The human-

Automotive & Transport | 13-03-2024

Dual-channel high-side switches provide robust protection for automotive applications

Diodes Incorporated has released its first automotive-compliant, dual-channel, high-side power switches – the ZXMS82090S14PQ, ZXMS82120S14PQ, and ZXMS82180S14PQ – as an expansion o

Power | 02-02-2024

High-voltage hall-effect latches provide improved resistance to physical stress

Diodes Incorporated has added the AH371xQ series of high-voltage Hall-effect latches to its product portfolio. These automotive-compliant devices feature a proprietary Hall plate d

Power | 28-12-2023

Low-power redriver supports MIPI D-PHY 1.2 protocols

Diodes Incorporated has released a low-power, high-performance MIPI D-PHY 1.2-compliant signal ReDriver. The PI2MEQX2503 regenerates signals transmitted at data rates to 2.5Gbps fr

Semiconductors | 22-11-2023

Automotive-compliant LDOs provide power good support off-battery POL

Diodes Incorporated has widened its portfolio of automotive-compliant LDO voltage regulators, introducing two device series. The AP7583AQ and AP7583Q series have 300mA maximum outp

Semiconductors | 05-10-2023

Boost/SEPIC controller enables LED-wide PWM dimming in automotive applications

Diodes Incorporated has released a boost/SEPIC controller for various automotive LED applications. The AL8853AQ is an automotive-compliant and highly integrated boost/SEPIC control

Automotive & Transport | 19-09-2023

High accuracy LDO fulfils noise-sensitive power conversion applications

Diodes Incorporated offers a 3A-rated LDO voltage regulator supporting 4.4µVRMS operation (at 0.8V output). Providing a clean supply, the AP7179D is highly optimised for powering n

Power | 14-09-2023

Unipolar Hall switches save board space in battery-powered applications

Diodes Incorporated offers two new portfolios of monolithic, unipolar Hall-effect switches developed for proximity sensing in battery-powered applications. With an ultra-low 1.1µA

Test & Measurement | 04-09-2023

Low-voltage Hall latches from enable high-sensitivity sensing

Diodes Incorporated has released a series of automotive-compliant, low-voltage, high-sensitivity Hall-effect latches. Devices in the AH171xQ series are developed for BLDC motor com

Power | 19-07-2023

Current shunt monitors enable high-precision voltage sensing in EVs

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a series of high-precision current shunt monitors developed to measure small sense voltages across a wide common-mode voltage range in EVs: the Z

Power | 27-06-2023

PCIe 3.0 packet switches bring greater data lane versatility to automotive systems

Diodes Incorporated has a new series of automotive-compliant PCIe 3.0 technology packet switches for next-generation, in-vehicle networking applications. The architecture employed

Semiconductors | 19-06-2023

Industrial-grade silicon carbide MOSFET enables higher power density

Diodes Incorporated has introduced its latest addition to the portfolio of SiC products: the DMWS120H100SM4 N-channel SiC MOSFET. This device meets the higher efficiency and power

Power | 11-04-2023

Space-saving TVS provides superior ESD and surge protection for high-speed I/Os

Diodes Incorporated has released its new bidirectional TVS diode, addressing market demands for a robust protection for high-speed data ports. The D3V3Z1BD2CSP is intended to provi

Semiconductors | 04-04-2023