Schaffner EMV AG

New choke series mitigates EMI issues in robotics and motor drives

Schaffner has expanded its range of filtering solutions for suppressing EMI with a new common-mode choke series created for use with mid-size power range drives often employed in r

Passives | 05-09-2023

EMC filter series for robotics and data centres

Schaffner has announced the availability of the new FN2520 and FN2660 high-performance EMC filters. These join the initial FN2500 and FN2640 models, extending the filter series des

Passives | 12-09-2022

Innovative IEC connector with two locking systems to power connector range

Schaffner has added to its extensive range of IEC power connectors. The new IL13P-S is a C14/C20 IEC dual locking power connector providing an innovative solution to prevent accide

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 23-08-2022

New EMC filter series for robotics and datacentres

Schaffner has released the new FN2500/FN2640 – EMC filter series for robotics and datacentres. The new filters have been created to satisfy the specific needs of these two importan

Power | 31-05-2022

New common-mode chokes for LED lighting applications

Schaffner has extended its range of components for lighting applications. The new ED100/ED101 EMC filter series has been developed specifically for the demands of LED driver circui

Lighting Technologies | 05-04-2022

Introducing new EMC-filter for machinery and robotics

Schaffner has increased its popular FN3270 series to offer more options for machine builders. Building on the strengths of the successful FN3270 filter range, the new FN3271 filter

Power | 24-08-2021

New EMC filter for LED lighting applications

Schaffner has extended its range of filters for LED lighting applications with the new FN2560 filter range. Designed specifically for attenuation needs in the lighting industry, th

Lighting Technologies | 01-07-2021

New EMC filter for regenerative applications

Schaffner has introduced the new FN3840 for use in AIC or AFE applications, where energy is fed back to the power grid. This process diminishes energy costs in bigger factories or

Power | 10-05-2021

Active line impedance stabiliser improves power line communication

Schaffner has introduced the world’s first Active Line Impedance Stabiliser (ALIS). The ALIS is designed to improve the SNR for power line communication between the public power gr

Power | 29-03-2021

New range of high-end EMC line filters for machinery and electrical equipment

Schaffner has introduced a complete range of its FN3280H Four-Line filter series featuring higher insulation resistances. The series is a compact and lightweight filter design with

Subs & Systems | 06-11-2020

Digital exhibition of EMC/EMI filters for regenerative drive applications

Schaffner is inviting customers no longer able to visit the SPS to join them at a virtual exhibition stand. Following the cancellation of the SPS 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandem

Power | 30-10-2020

New 2 MOPP compliant IEC inlet EMC filters for medical applications

Schaffner has introduced the new FN9274 IEC filter series developed for medical applications. The new filters have been created according to Class II medical equipment standard IEC

Power | 14-10-2020

Single-phase EMC filter for RCD and medical use

Schaffner has reintroduced the FN2415, a single-phase EMC filter for control equipment with extended capabilities. The EMC filter, created for the control line of complex equipment

Subs & Systems | 15-09-2020

New series of passive harmonic filters of use in demanding drive applications

Schaffner has released its new ecosine max passive harmonic filter series. These new filters are intended to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics in most exacting applications. Th

Subs & Systems | 03-04-2020