New series of passive harmonic filters of use in demanding drive applications

03-04-2020 | Schaffner EMV AG | Subs & Systems

Schaffner has released its new ecosine max passive harmonic filter series. These new filters are intended to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics in most exacting applications.

The new ecosine max filter series FN3470/71, FN3480/81, FN3472/73 and FN3482/83 are based on the company's ecosine platform and are available with versions for 400VAC and 480VAC, and 50Hz and 60Hz networks.

The devices are a key passive power quality product for the higher power ranges (250KW-500KW) that can be found in demanding drive applications. The three-chokes versions FN3470/80/72/82 are created to achieve <5% THDi at rated power even when employing drives with no DC-link choke. The more economical two-chokes versions FN3471/81/73/83 are intended to achieve <5% total THDi at rated power if employed with drives comprising at least 4% DC-link choke. They can also be applied to drives with no DC-link choke reaching a THDi of 8%.

The filter guarantees compliance with the requirements of IEEE-519 and other stringent national or international power quality standards. When employing the filters, the electrical infrastructure is unburdened, and its utilisation is far more efficient and reliable. Also, the service life cycle of electrical equipment in the end system is increased, and energy costs can be decreased.

The filters for six-pulse rectifiers and motor drives, the series are intended to be the most compact open panel solutions that are ready to be integrated into standard or customised electrical cabinets. All filters are CE-marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant.

By Natasha Shek