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Extensions introduced for series of passive harmonic filters

Schaffner has extended its ecosine evo line passive harmonic filter series. The product is evolving, combining superior technology to reliably alleviate excessive harmonics with an

Subs & Systems | 04-03-2020

EMC products now available on data portal

Schaffner has announced its presence on the EPLAN portal with immediate effect. The portal is a powerful information source for global design engineering. The data portal provides

Subs & Systems | 14-02-2020

Compact power line EMC filter family for lighting equipment

Schaffner has introduced a new single-phase EMC filter. With a 350VAC rating, the filter can be employed in typical single-phase applications (120VAC and 230VAC), or industrial app

Power | 06-11-2019

Expanded range of current compensated chokes

The new RC chokes from the Schaffner Group are available with horizontal and vertical mounting choices. Standard current ranges are from 0.25A to 0.7A with voltages up to 250VAC. T

Passives | 07-10-2019

Reshaping electrical power with new passive harmonic filter

Schaffner's new FN 3287/88 EMC filter series introduces innovations in three-phase EMC filters and is now offered with low leakage currents (<1mA) versions for general machine a

Power | 24-09-2019

New high-performance IEC C14 power entry module with fuse holder or switch now available

Schaffner Group now offers a new series of RFI filters highlighting an IEC C14 PEM (power entry module) with integrated fuse holder or switch. The high-performance filter series FN

Subs & Systems | 15-07-2019

Low leakage current EMI filter optimised for machine tool and machinery equipment

Schaffner has introduced their new FN 3287 and FN 3288 series designed for power drive systems motor drives, and many other power converter applications. These innovative filters a

Power | 10-06-2019

New angled locking cable for any IEC C14 power connectors

Schaffner has launched a new series of locking cables for any IEC C14 application. The new connector in the IL13 family is ideal for any space limited locking situations. Due to it

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 24-05-2019

New generation of modular, compact and reliable active harmonic filters

Schaffner has extended its product offering for harmonics mitigation solutions by releasing the sync module for ecosine active sync series, employing state of the art technology to

Test & Measurement | 07-05-2019

Expanded product line of passive harmonic filters

Schaffner has extended its ecosine evo line passive harmonic filter series to 380VAC to 415VAC, 60Hz. The product range blends excellent technology to reliably mitigate excessive h

Products | 28-03-2019

New generation of AC line reactors with optimised design

Schaffner has introduced the new AC line reactor series RWK 3044 and RWK 3062. The series is designed for 400VAC and 690VAC power networks, and give impedance of 4% and 2%, res

Products | 21-02-2019

New EMC filter for single phase applications offers DC approval

The single-phase EMC filter portfolio of Schaffner is extended by additional high-performance versions of the FN 2070 filter family. The new high-performance filters extend the

Products | 17-01-2018

IP20 versions of passive harmonic filters extends service life of equipment

Schaffner has introduced an IP20 enclosed version of its market leading ecosine evo range of compact modular passive harmonics filters. Designed to meet the most demanding of harmo

Products | 11-04-2017

New generation of passive harmonic filters has evolutionary modular concept

Schaffner is setting a new benchmark with its product offering of harmonics mitigation solutions. Ecosine evo harmonic filters utilise superior technology to reliably control exces

Products | 28-02-2017