New EMC filter for regenerative applications

10-05-2021 | Schaffner EMV AG | Power

Schaffner has introduced the new FN3840 for use in AIC or AFE applications, where energy is fed back to the power grid. This process diminishes energy costs in bigger factories or can decrease losses and excess heat in converters.

This series of filters offers state-of-the-art EMI attenuation based on an innovative filter topology and ensures compliance with Class C2 or even C1 limits. Applications comprise regenerative drives combined with LCL filters, AIC, AFE VFD, three-phase VSD and PDS, machine tool and machinery equipment, renewable energy, and process automation equipment.

The new device has been fully tested and can be combined with a Schaffner FN6840 LCL filter in an AIC/AFE application.

The device is fitted with an onboard temperature monitor to give protection from overheating. The switch will open at the crucial temperatures of 180C or 150C for busbar versions. This gives an extra safety layer for machine builders. In the event of an open temperature switch, the AIC can react and decrease or switch off power.

The new device is supplied in a slim book-style shape allowing convenient and space-saving installation next to inverters, converters or motor drives. Connection is via solid safety connector blocks, and versions are available with low leakage current.

The new filters provide very high saturation performance coupled with high EMI performance fulfilling the demands in IEC/EN 61800-5-1 for electric strength, clearance and creepage, IEC/EN 60204-1 for insulation resistance, electric strength, clearance and creepage, and the requirements in IEC/EN 62477-1.

By Natasha Shek