New range of high-end EMC line filters for machinery and electrical equipment

06-11-2020 | Schaffner EMV AG | Subs & Systems

Schaffner has introduced a complete range of its FN3280H Four-Line filter series featuring higher insulation resistances.

The series is a compact and lightweight filter design with a 'cubic' shape needing minimum mounting space, simplifying the power entry design of enclosures and control panels for machine builders.

The new line-up of filters, with the so-called R69 option, will not cause the overall insulation resistance of machinery or equipment when under test to drop below 1MOhm, assuring systems fitted with the new EMC filter will comply with European and International safety standards. The filters also increase EMC immunity if connected directly to the mains input.

As a mains input filter for equipment needing three-phase power with a neutral line, the FN 3280 provides enough performance to ensure EMC compliance of machinery in mixed (Class A) or even domestic (Class B) environments while also improving the immunity of the entire installation greatly. The new filter series is now offered with power ratings up to 600A and the line-ground discharge time (after power disconnection) is increased so that standard models may be more appropriate for non-machinery applications.

Key specifications comprise maximum continuous operating voltage 3 x 520/300VAC, operating frequency DC – 60Hz, rated currents 8–600A, operational temperature range -25C to 100C.

Typical applications include industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools and diverse process automation systems needing three-phase and neutral electricity supply. Due to the outstanding attenuation performance, the series is also ideal for noisy power supplies, renewable energy applications, high power office equipment. With relatively low leakage current, the device may even be employed for some medical devices.

By Natasha Shek