Digital exhibition of EMC/EMI filters for regenerative drive applications

30-10-2020 | Schaffner EMV AG | Power

Schaffner is inviting customers no longer able to visit the SPS to join them at a virtual exhibition stand.

Following the cancellation of the SPS 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the company has developed its own digital exhibition offering exciting new products in an easy to navigate, up-to-date virtual exhibition concept. The company will be presenting their latest LCL filters (FN6840) and new versions of EMI/EMC Filters (FN3840).

The virtual exhibition will also highlight the launch of a new IEC inlet (FN9274) for medical or isolated power supply applications, which provides product designers 2 MOPP safety protection 'out of the box', removing the need for any further EMC or isolation components.

To visit the virtual exhibition customers should complete a simple online form to receive joining instructions before the 24th November.

By Natasha Shek