EMC filter series for robotics and data centres

12-09-2022 | Schaffner EMV AG | Passives

Schaffner has announced the availability of the new FN2520 and FN2660 high-performance EMC filters. These join the initial FN2500 and FN2640 models, extending the filter series designed for robotics and data centres.

This new EMC filter series has been developed to meet the specific needs of these two growing markets, which have technical necessities in common that the new filter family can now meet.

Many applications, including robotics, data centres and autonomous machines, need power supplies to be mounted in 19” rack cabinets. To meet this and provide systems builders with seamless integration, the company has packaged the new EMC filter series in a space-saving 1U rack-mount design.

The new EMC filters are available with various connection options. These include, for the FN2500 and FN2520, on input and output include push-on terminals, cable glands, screw terminals or spring terminals. The FN2640 and FN2660 provide IEC C14 (10-15A) or IEC C20 (16-20A) input connectors for direct mains connection and with various output connectors.

Key standard features include input voltage 250VAC @ DC to 60Hz (FN2500 277VAC/400VDC), output current 10A to 20A @ 40C, MTBF > 300,000h and operating temperature range -40C to +100C (with derating >40C).

The new FN2500 and FN2640 EMC filters fulfil the requirements of IEC 62368-1 - Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology and equipment and IEC/EN 60335-1 - Household and similar appliances, Climatic Category 40/10 0/21 to IEC60068-1, Certified to UL 60939-3, IEC/EN 60939-3, GB/T 15287 and Protection category IP00 / IP20 for -103 terminals.


By Seb Springall

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