New common-mode chokes for LED lighting applications

05-04-2022 | Schaffner EMV AG | Lighting Technologies

Schaffner has extended its range of components for lighting applications. The new ED100/ED101 EMC filter series has been developed specifically for the demands of LED driver circuits. A substantial differential-mode inductance matches the new filter's common-mode inductance. With only one component required on the PCB, both types of noise can be mitigated, saving cost and space while increasing reliability. LEDs have disrupted the lighting industry in the last decade, and no application has remained untouched. Even harsh and ambitious applications such as powerful streetlamps and car headlights are now typical applications for LEDs.

LEDs are very energy-efficient and robust but must be powered carefully by a well-controlled current. They are susceptible to overcurrent, and 'driver circuits' keep the current supply in the ideal range to prevent harm to the LEDs.

LED Lighting drivers need to be high in efficiency, low in cost and compliant with EMC regulations. For EMI suppression, common-mode chokes are an excellent alternative to X-capacitors when dealing with noise to ground. They lower the leakage current and, by avoiding x-capacitors, help stabilise the power factor.

The series differential mode noise mitigation offers two performance options depending on requirements: High (ED100) and very high (ED101). The new filters are created for a maximum continuous operating voltage of 300VAC, 50/60Hz and meet the requirements for RoHS and REACH regulations.

Typical applications are LED equipment, especially LED driver circuits and displays, fluorescent lamp ballasts or any other application with high demand for differential-mode performance.

By Natasha Shek