ON Semiconductor

Accelerating building automation with KNX and PoE

Onsemi has introduced two complete system solutions supporting the most broadly employed building automation network protocols - PoE and KNX. The NCN5140S is the first SiP certifie

Semiconductors | 10-06-2022

Highly efficient USB power delivery solutions now available

onsemi has released three products for USB Power Delivery design. The new controllers and driver include innovative features that noticeably decrease BOM content of high-efficiency

Power | 20-05-2022

First TOLL-packaged 650V SiC MOSFET unveiled

onsemi launched what it claims to be the world’s first TOLL-packaged SiC MOSFET at PCIM Europe. The transistor satisfies the swiftly growing demand for high-performance switching d

Power | 16-05-2022

Showcasing highly efficient power solutions

onsemi will introduce a range of new power solutions at PCIM Europe. The company's booth will be packed with live demonstrations of its latest technologies, displaying how they all

Power | 29-04-2022

High power TP PFC controller meets challenging efficiency standard

onsemi offers its latest mixed-signal controller dedicated to bridgeless TP PFC topology. The NCP1681 is aimed at ultra-high density offline power supplies. Building on the success

Subs & Systems | 29-03-2022

Collaboration on innovative driver and occupant monitoring system reference design

emotion3D and onsemi have announced a joint reference design for driver and occupant monitoring systems (DOMS). By combining driver and occupant monitoring in a single camera, this

Automotive & Transport | 10-01-2022

High-performance and low power-loss MOSFETs for server and telecom applications

onsemi has released its new 600V SUPERFET V family of MOSFETs. The high-performance devices allow power supplies to satisfy pressing efficiency regulations such as 80 PLUS Titanium

Power | 15-12-2021

Secure Bluetooth Low Energy MCU sets record for power efficiency

onsemi has its new, secure RSL15 wireless MCU that offers the industry’s lowest power consumption. Enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connectivity, the device addresses the

Semiconductors | 09-12-2021

Image sensor delivers best-in-class dynamic range in challenging conditions

Onsemi offers a new 1/1.7" 8.3 MP CMOS digital image sensor with a rolling shutter and eHDR technology. The AR0821CS satisfies the various demands of commercial, consumer and indus

Test & Measurement | 14-10-2021

Low power asset tag brings five-year battery life to industrial asset management

Onsemi has released a new system solution that overcomes the principal challenges linked with developing asset tracking tags. Battery life has been a significant obstacle to asset

Test & Measurement | 23-09-2021

Sensor offers high quality and low power imaging to factory automation and ITS

ON Semiconductor has added to the XGS series of CMOS image sensors. The XGS 16000 is a 16MP sensor that offers high quality, global shutter imaging for factory automation applicati

Test & Measurement | 02-08-2021

Intelligent sensing technologies enable 360 vision in self-driving platform

ON Semiconductor has revealed that its image sensing and LiDAR technologies power key functions of AutoX’s Gen5 self-driving platform. Announced at the World Artificial Intelligenc

Test & Measurement | 20-07-2021

LED driver solutions add intelligence to connected lighting

ON Semiconductor offers two new devices created to improve the performance of connected lighting systems. The NCL31000 and NCL31001 LED drivers enable manufacturers to produce LED

Lighting Technologies | 29-06-2021

Rugged transfer-moulded modules simplify compact motor drive design

ON Semiconductor has a new integrated converter-inverter-PFC modules for application in industrial motor drives, servo drives and HVAC, where they are employed to drive motors for

Power | 18-06-2021