LED driver solutions add intelligence to connected lighting

29-06-2021 | ON Semiconductor | Lighting Technologies

ON Semiconductor offers two new devices created to improve the performance of connected lighting systems. The NCL31000 and NCL31001 LED drivers enable manufacturers to produce LED luminaires with light-based positioning technology and visible light communication. By combining data intelligence and accurate positioning (up to 30cm), these solutions will revolutionise lighting in a mixture of spaces including hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses, and airports.

The NCL31000 is part of a comprehensive LED driver family and is intended specifically for luminaire applications. At the core of the device is a highly energy-efficient buck LED driver that aids both high-bandwidth analog dimming and PWM dimming down to zero current. The driver comprises an integrated 3V3 fixed DC-DC converter and a further adjustable DC-DC (2.5-24V), which can be employed to power system components such as sensing devices and the microcontroller. Combining these power solutions in the driver dramatically simplifies system design whilst boosting efficiency.

The architecture of the device ensures outstanding EMI performance – in tests, it is >14dB below the requirements of CISPR15/EN55015.

The company also announces the NCL31001 as a companion driver to the NCL31000. The addition of this device produces a solution that supports multi-string lighting applications, incorporating those with colour control. It provides the same features as the NCL31000 except for the DC-DC converters to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Commenting on the new releases, Michel De Mey, vice president, Industrial Solutions at ON Semiconductor, said: “There is a growing demand for lighting intelligence as LED luminaire manufacturers recognise how these features improve convenience for users while reducing operating expenses and energy consumption. By supporting these features alongside market-leading efficiency and functionality, the NCL31000 and NCL31001 will open a variety of new opportunities for smart lighting systems.”

The new LED drivers are part of a broad portfolio of Connected Lighting solutions from the company including the Connected Lighting Platform, which provides multiple connectivity options (BLE and PoE) for smart LED control.

By Natasha Shek