First TOLL-packaged 650V SiC MOSFET unveiled

16-05-2022 | ON Semiconductor | Power

onsemi launched what it claims to be the world’s first TOLL-packaged SiC MOSFET at PCIM Europe. The transistor satisfies the swiftly growing demand for high-performance switching devices suitable for designs with high power density levels.

With a 9.9mm x 11.68mm footprint, the TOLL package offers 30% savings in PCB area over a D2PAK package. And at a profile of only 2.3mm, it occupies 60% less volume than a D2PAK package.

In addition to its smaller size, the TOLL package provides better thermal performance and lower package inductance (2nH) than a D2PAK 7-lead. Its Kelvin source configuration provides lower gate noise and reduced switching losses, including a 60% reduction in turn-on loss (EON) compared to a device without a Kelvin configuration, which provides noticeable improvements in efficiency and power density in challenging power designs improved EMI and easier PCB design.

“The ability to deliver highly reliable power designs in a small space is becoming a competitive advantage in many areas, including industrial, high-performance power supplies and server applications,” said Asif Jakwani, senior vice president and general manager, Advanced Power Division, onsemi. “Packaging our best-in-class SiC MOSFETs in the TOLL package not only reduces space but enhances performance in many areas such as EMI and reduces losses. The result is a highly reliable and rugged, high-performance switching device that will help power designers meet their stringent power design challenges.”

The first SiC MOSFET to be provided in the TOLL package is the NTBL045N065SC1, aimed at demanding applications including SMPS, server and telecommunication power supplies, solar inverters, UPS, etc. energy storage. The device is ideal for designs needed to satisfy the most challenging efficiency standards, including ErP and 80 PLUS Titanium.

The device has a VDSS rating of 650V with a typical RDS(on) of only 33mOhm and a maximum drain current (ID) of 73A. Based upon WBG SiC technology, the device has a maximum operating temperature of 175C and ultra-low gate charge (QG(tot) = 105nC) that greatly decreases switching losses. Also, the TOLL package is MSL1 (moisture sensitivity level 1) rated – and guaranteed – to ensure that failure rates in mass production are lessened.

Also, the company provides automotive-grade devices with TO-247 3 lead, four leads and D2PAK 7 leads packages.

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