ON Semiconductor

New full silicon carbide MOSFET module solutions for charging EVs

ON Semiconductor announces a pair of 1200 V full SiC MOSFET 2-PACK modules, further improving their range of products fit for the challenging EV market. The new modules, based upon

Automotive & Transport | 09-06-2021

Automotive qualified SiPM array product for LiDAR applications

ON Semiconductor has released the new RDM-Series silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) array that increases the LiDAR sensor capabilities to its wide portfolio of intelligent sensing solu

Automotive & Transport | 03-03-2021

New SiC MOSFETs offer superior switching and improved reliability

ON Semiconductor has launched a new range of SiC MOSFET devices for demanding applications where power density, efficiency and reliability are essential considerations. By substitu

Power | 22-02-2021

Smart shot camera enables event-triggered imaging with AI

ON Semiconductor has introduced the RSL10 Smart Shot Camera, which combines cloud-based AI with ultra-low-power image capture and recognition, to facilitate a new generation of IoT

Test & Measurement | 11-02-2021

IoT asset management with angle of arrival location technology

ON Semiconductor announces the availability of the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System for the RSL10, the industry’s lowest power Flash-based Bluetooth Low Energy radio SoC. Offered

Test & Measurement | 22-01-2021

Motor development kit prioritises energy efficiency

ON Semiconductor introduces its advanced and flexible Motor Development Kit to speed the development of more efficient motor control solutions for applications varying from less th

Design & Manufacture | 13-11-2020

New CMOS image sensors enhance high-resolution industrial imaging

ON Semiconductor has expanded its XGS family of image sensors with high performance, low noise products that provide 12-bit image quality at a high frame rate. The new products inc

Test & Measurement | 23-10-2020

CMOS global shutter image sensor for machine vision and mixed reality applications

ON Semiconductor has introduced the AR0234CS 2.3Mp CMOS image sensor with global shutter technology. The high-performance sensor is intended for a mixture of applications including

Test & Measurement | 13-10-2020

PV inverter benefits from SiC technology efficiency

ON Semiconductor has introduced a full SiC power module for solar inverter applications, which has been chosen by Delta to support its M70A three-phase PV string inverter portfolio

Power | 24-07-2020

Expanded portfolio for industrial motor drive applications

ON Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio for industrial motor drive applications, to further help customers solve their specific design challenges. Motor drive systems are incre

Automotive & Transport | 30-04-2020

Connected lighting platform for smart LED lighting solutions

ON Semiconductor has introduced the Connected Lighting Platform, leveraging the company's expertise in PoE and ultra-low-power Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, along with AC/DC a

Lighting Technologies | 13-03-2020

Innovative new USB-C PD 3.0 controllers offer advanced feature sets

ON Semiconductor has released a pair of novel devices that are compliant with the USB-C PD 3.0 standard. The FAN6390 adaptive charging controller delivers ease of integration of th

Subs & Systems | 03-03-2020

Automotive LED drivers and controllers for advanced vehicle lighting applications

ON Semiconductor offers a new family of four devices that promote the high levels of performance and innovative functionality that vehicle manufacturers and consumers now demand fr

Automotive & Transport | 07-02-2020

High-speed image sensor enables intelligent vision systems for viewing and AI

ON Semiconductor has introduced the ARX3A0 digital image sensor with 0.3MP resolution in a 1:1 aspect ratio. With up to 360fps capture rate, it can perform like a global shutter in

Test & Measurement | 17-09-2019