High-performance and low power-loss MOSFETs for server and telecom applications

15-12-2021 | ON Semiconductor | Power

onsemi has released its new 600V SUPERFET V family of MOSFETs. The high-performance devices allow power supplies to satisfy pressing efficiency regulations such as 80 PLUS Titanium, particularly at the highly challenging 10% load condition. As part of the family, three product groups – FAST, Easy Drive and FRFET – are optimised to deliver class-leading performance in various applications and topologies.

The family provides exceptional switching characteristics and lower gate noise providing enhanced EMI performance – a notable benefit for server and telecom systems. Further, system reliability is enhanced by a robust body diode and elevated VGSS (DC ±30V).

"With the objective of tackling climate change, 80 Plus Titanium certification requires server and data storage hardware to deliver 90% power efficiency levels in 10% load conditions, and 96% efficiencies when dealing with 50% loads," said Asif Jakwani, senior vice president and general manager, Advanced Power Division, at onsemi. "The FAST, Easy Drive and FRFET versions of our SUPERFET V family are meeting these demands, providing a robust solution that assures ongoing system reliability."

The FAST versions provide the ultimate efficiency in hard switching topologies (such as high-end PFC). They are optimised to produce reduced gate charge (Qg) and EOSS losses to allow fast switching. The initial devices comprise the NTNL041N60S5H (41m∧ RDS(on)) and NTHL185N60S5H (185m∧ RDS(on)), which are in a TO-247 package. The NTP185N60S5H is in a TO-220 package, and the NTMT185N60S5H is in an 8mm x 8mm x 1mm Power88 package that assures MSL 1 and has a Kelvin source configuration to enhance gate noise and switching power loss.

The Easy Drive versions are ideal for hard and soft switching topologies and include an internal gate resistor (Rg) and optimised internal capacitance. They are fit for general purpose usage in multiple applications, which includes PFC and LLC. In these devices, the built-in Zener diode between gate and source electrode for over 120m∧ RDS(on) provides less stress on the gate oxide and higher ESD ruggedness leads to better assembly yield and decreased field failures. Two devices are available with 99m∧ and 120m∧ RDS(on) – the NTHL099N60S5 and NTHL120N60S5Z supplied in a TO-247 package.

The fast recovery (FRFET→) versions are ideal for soft switching topologies including PSFB and LLC. They gain from a fast body diode and provide reduced Qrr and Trr. The robust diode ruggedness assures enhanced system reliability. The NTP125N60S5FZ with built-in Zener diode provides 125 m∧ RDS(on) in a TO-220 package, while the NTMT061N60S5F provides 61m∧ in a Power88 package. The lowest loss device is the NTHL019N60S5F which offers RDS(on) of only 19m∧ in a TO-247 package.

By Natasha Shek