Sensor offers high quality and low power imaging to factory automation and ITS

02-08-2021 | ON Semiconductor | Test & Measurement

ON Semiconductor has added to the XGS series of CMOS image sensors. The XGS 16000 is a 16MP sensor that offers high quality, global shutter imaging for factory automation applications incorporating robotics and inspection systems. Consuming only 1W at 65fps, the device produces exceptional performance at low power. This makes it one of the best in class for power consumption while also giving one of the highest resolutions available for standard 29mm x 29mm industrial cameras.

The device shares a common architecture and footprint with other XGS CMOS image sensors. This allows manufacturers to utilise a single camera design to produce products in various resolutions. Supporting up to 65fps readout at full resolution, the sensor is offered in various speed grades, all with Bayer colour or monochrome options.

The company’s global shutter pixel technology addresses the limitations linked with rolling shutter pixels in applications. Artefacts such as motion blur and distortion are avoidable employing a global shutter approach. This is frequently important in automation, inspection, and identification applications.

The device is designed in a unique 1:1 square aspect ratio, which aids to maximise the image capture area within the optical circle of the camera lens and guarantee optimal light sensitivity. Because of this design, the sensor is compatible with 29mm2 industry-standard camera formats utilising commercially available C-Mount lenses. This gives optimal use of the available field of view and sensor area for the physical size of the camera.

To simplify new camera designs, the company provides colour and mono versions of the XGS 16000 X-Cube and X-Celerator developer kits. High-speed conversion to MIPI interface examples is offered with the reference design kits to provide for quicker integration into standard FPGA evaluation environments.

By Natasha Shek