Secure Bluetooth Low Energy MCU sets record for power efficiency

09-12-2021 | ON Semiconductor | Semiconductors

onsemi has its new, secure RSL15 wireless MCU that offers the industry’s lowest power consumption. Enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connectivity, the device addresses the growing demand of connected industrial applications for security without sacrificing power consumption.

The device was certified by the EEMBC to validate energy efficiency. It leads its class by attaining a ‘performance’ score of 60.5. Within the ULPMark- CoreProfile benchmark, that calculates the deep sleep efficiency of MCUs, the company has also kept the top two placements with the RSL10 and RSL15, respectively.

“From beacons for contact tracing to trackable asset tags, there are millions of connected devices globally operating off of small batteries,” said Patrick Moorhead, CEO, founder and chief analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, “By setting a new record in Bluetooth 5.2 energy efficiency in the EEMBC ULPMark CoreMark program, the RSL15 will help these applications, amongst many others, achieve a battery life greater than they ever thought to be possible.”

While maintaining its state-of-the-art power consumption, the device is designed with ArmTrustZone technology to establish device root of trust and Arm CryptoCell-312 technology to shield the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of code and data. This PSA Level 1 certified design enhances the security measures already offered as part of the Bluetooth protocol, assuring application and software levels.

“The ability to protect against cyber threats is an essential differentiator for manufacturers choosing a wireless microcontroller for industrial IoT applications,” said Michel De Mey, vice president of the industrial solutions division at onsemi. “With its advanced system-level security features and class-leading energy efficiency, the RSL15 provides a comprehensive wireless solution that OEMs and consumers can rely on.”

By Natasha Shek