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Battery-less IoT a reality with Bluetooth Low Energy multi-sensor platform

ON Semiconductor has added to its battery-less and maintenance-free IoT with the launch of its RSL10 Multi-Sensor Platform powered only with a solar cell. This whole solution helps

New Technologies | 12-04-2019

Out-of-the-box sensor development kit for power-optimised IoT applications

ON Semiconductor has introduced the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit, designed to give engineering teams a comprehensive platform for creating IoT applications with cutting-edge smart

Products | 18-02-2019

Innovative cloud-based platform accelerates device and system evaluation

ON Semiconductor is introducing the Strata Developer Studio, claimed to be a first-of-its-kind cloud-based development platform that presents a seamless, personalised and secure en

New Technologies | 04-01-2019

Intelligent power modules provide space and power saving

ON Semiconductor has a new Automotive Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) that provides class-leading power density and improve overall performance in on-board charging and other high


New development support for industry-leading Bluetooth 5 radio family

ON Semiconductor has increased the capabilities of its RSL10 family of Bluetooth 5 certified radio SoCs with support for the Bluetooth SIG mesh networking standard. Also, the comp

Products | 06-11-2018

CE certification for Sigfox verified RF SiP solution

ON Semiconductor has achieved CE certification for its AX-SIP-SFEU SiP solution, meaning the device conforms to health, safety and environmental protection standards for products s

Products | 29-10-2018

Expanded Bluetooth 5 radio family with SiP module for easier development

ON Semiconductor has extended its RSL10 family of Bluetooth 5 certified radio SoCs with a ready-to-use 6mm x 8mm x1.46mm SiP module. Supporting BLE wireless profiles, the devices c

Products | 14-09-2018

New devices for tablets, smartphones, laptops and other USB-C applications

ON Semiconductor has two new products that can be used together in USB-C applications while providing benefits in other modern power-oriented applications. The new devices are the

Products | 26-07-2018

New SiC diodes for demanding automotive applications

ON Semiconductor expanded its SiC Schottky diode portfolio to include devices particularly intended for demanding automotive applications. The new AEC-Q101 automotive grade SiC dio

Products | 12-06-2018

High-resolution image sensors with NIR+ for improved night vision

ON Semiconductor has introduced one of the first CMOS image sensors to feature its Near Infra-Red+ (NIR+) technology, which effectively combines HDR with enhanced low light perform

Semiconductors | 11-04-2018

Expanded imaging options for extreme low-light imaging

ON Semiconductor offers the latest additions to its portfolio of Interline Transfer Electron Multiplying CCD (IT-EMCCD) image sensors that target extreme low-light applications suc

Products | 05-04-2018

CMOS image sensor platform enables new functionality for industrial camera design

ON Semiconductor has released its X-Class image sensor platform, allowing a single camera design to support not only multiple product resolutions but also different pixel function

Products | 15-03-2018

New image sensor gives fast, easy, scalable upgrade path from existing devices

ON Semiconductor is extending capabilities for critical high-resolution industrial imaging with the introduction of a new 43MP resolution, CCD image sensor in the convenient 35mm o

Products | 09-03-2018

Advanced controller and driver deliver efficient USB-PD power adapter and battery charger solutions

ON Semiconductor has introduced a new solution for high-density power adapters for tablets, notebooks, and other portable devices that need compatibility with USB PD or Qualcomm Qu

Products | 08-03-2018