Collaboration on innovative driver and occupant monitoring system reference design

10-01-2022 | ON Semiconductor | Automotive & Transport

emotion3D and onsemi have announced a joint reference design for driver and occupant monitoring systems (DOMS). By combining driver and occupant monitoring in a single camera, this unique design allows numerous safety capabilities and a next-level user experience. This enables automotive OEMs to deploy low-cost, high-performance, next-generation in-cabin imaging solutions that make driving safer and more enjoyable.

Based on emotion3D’s CABIN EYE AI software stack and the AR0820AT 8.3MP image sensor from onsemi, this new DOMS solution not only substitutes the single-task driver monitoring mono/IR camera but also allows multiple use cases for safety and convenience by utilising a single colour/IR camera.

“With onsemi’s expertise in imagers and its extensive automotive experience, we are able to build this innovative single camera solution that is Euro NCAP and General Safety Regulation (GSR) 2019 ready,” said Florian Seitner, CEO at emotion3D. “Our powerful and versatile in-cabin analysis software stack covers a broad range of DOMS applications that will enable Tier 1s and OEMs to elevate user experience to a next level and to provide increased safety for all occupants. Our ultimate goal is to help achieve Vision Zero - no fatalities or heavy injuries in road accidents.”

The high dynamic range of the AR0820AT image sensor manages challenging lighting conditions with ease, and heightened sensitivity enhances performance in extreme low light conditions, which is ideal for in-cabin applications. The high-resolution camera also allows a wider field of view for a comprehensive analysis of the in-cabin space so that Tier 1s and OEMs may implement multiple use cases.

“We are excited to work with a technology disrupter such as emotion3D to enable more innovative in-cabin solutions with our best-in-class AR0820AT,” said Chris Adams, vice president, Automotive Sensing Division at onsemi. “The next-generation DOMS not only helps drivers stay alert behind the wheel but also enables new use cases around occupant safety and convenience. Having this DOMS solution provides all passengers peace of mind to enjoy safer rides.”

By Natasha Shek