Strategy for reducing test development time using simulation tools

Pickering Interfaces has released its leading-edge hardware and software simulation tools. These tools help test engineers begin writing and verifying test program code, freeing them from supply chain constraints. This comes from its thr

Pickering | 24-02-2023

Providing a secure and open platform for advanced smart card applications

Together with Infineon Technologies AG, TrustSEC has launched its new advanced smart cards operating system (OS) BIO-SLCOS. The OS uses Infineon's latest high-performance SLC38 Secure Element to supply a secured and open platform that conne

Infineon | 22-02-2023

Companies partner to provide IoT security on wireless modules

Würth Elektronik has partnered with Crypto Quantique to collaborate with enhancing security for Würth Elektronik's wireless modules. Combining Crypto Quantique's QuarkLink security software platform with the company's wireless modules al

Wurth | 16-02-2023

New eBook explores the future in automotive design

Mouser has released a new eBook with Qorvo, underscoring the technology innovations reshaping automotive design. In 'The Future of Automotive', subject matter experts from the companies provide rich, practical analyses of technologies, incl

Mouser Electronics | 15-02-2023

Automated static linting and CDC analysis for FPGA and SoC FPGA designs

Aldec, Inc has updated its linting tool ALINT-PRO to enhance the support of Microchip Technology’s Libero SoC Design Suite. The new release supports automatic conversion of Libero projects into its environment for static linting and clock d

Aldec | 09-02-2023

AI-based scheduling software increases productivity

Industry 4.0 and its intelligent usage of data is revolutionising the way companies manufacture their products more efficiently. However, Flexciton points out that chip fabs are the most complex manufacturing environments globally, yet they

Flexciton | 07-02-2023

Suite of products and services aimed at providing OT network visibility

Impulse Embedded now to offers customers the security benefits offered by Cisco Cyber Vision. The solution is a suite of products and services aimed at supplying OT network visibility and actionable insights. The implementation assists IT a

Impulse Embedded | 07-02-2023

A new logistics solution automates the process of gathering data

Dexory has released its new, enhanced solution DexoryView – a revolutionary new platform that changes the way that warehouses are managed via the power of real-time data. A new robot will support it – the tallest yet. This new platform a

Dexory | 03-02-2023

Biometric access control and cold storage crypto wallet platforms collaboration

Sentry Enterprises selected Infineon Technology's latest generation SLC37x Secure Element chip family to fuel its biometric platforms. It is the creator and maker of the SentryCard biometric platform, a privacy-centric, proof-of-identity so

Infineon | 01-02-2023

AI-based expert system offers support for all activities in electronics production

ASMPT now offers Virtual Assist, an AI-based expert system that supports all onboarding, service, and maintenance activities in electronics production. The software-as-a-service, which can be operated through an Android/IOS app or a browser

ASMPT | 27-01-2023

Protecting machine learning IP with watermarking tool

NXP Semiconductors now offers a new eIQ Model Watermarking tool to its eIQ Toolkit for machine learning development. The new tool is the industry’s first effective tool to assist developers in protecting their machine learning investments.

NXP | 26-01-2023

Next phase of engineering community offers enhanced and personalised resources

RS Group plc has launched the next phase of DesignSpark, its growing online community for engineers. It provides a suite of design tools including DesignSpark Mechanical and DesignSpark PCB, as well as comprehensive 2D/3D and electronics pa

RS Group | 26-01-2023

Calibration data solution now offered as software-as-a-service

Vector's calibration data solution vCDM 21.1 is now available as software-as-a-service at the push of a button. Collaboration within teams is easier, and investment costs are lowered. The Vector Calibration Data Management System vCDM as

Vector | 19-01-2023

Simplified CAN integration in .NET environments

The programming interface PCAN-Basic available from PEAK-System for connecting own programs under Windows and Linux to CAN buses can also be easily employed in a .NET development environment. For this purpose, the company offers the PCAN-Ba

PEAK-System | 18-01-2023