Switch design tool simplifies configuration of LXI microwave switching and relay systems

Pickering Interfaces has released its Microwave Switch Design Tool, a new free online tool for configuring flexible LXI microwave switching products. The dedicated tool will facilitate the configuration of custom LXI RF and microwave switch

Pickering | 22-06-2023

Advanced software-defined signal processing solution for next-gen applications

Analog Devices, Inc has released the Apollo MxFE, the most advanced software-defined, direct RF-sampling, wideband mixed-signal front-end platform. It allows next-generation applications such as phased array radar, electronic surveillance,

Analog Devices | 19-06-2023

New and enhanced features accelerate embedded development

Infineon Technologies AG has released ModusToolbox 3.1 with enhanced capabilities providing developers with more features at their fingertips to create software solutions for their hardware designs. The solution adds a new dashboard appl

Infineon | 16-06-2023

Exploring the intersection of smart-home tech with Matter protocol

Mouser has released the next instalment of their Empowering Innovation Together (EIT) series highlighting the Matter protocol. With this instalment, the company brings together global technology experts from the CSA and industry-leading man

Mouser Electronics | 15-06-2023

Third-generation chipset drives next-generation automotive V2X applications

Infineon Technologies AG and Autotalks announced today that the two companies are collaborating to deliver solutions for next-generation V2X applications. This collaboration provides its automotive-grade HYPERRAM 3.0 memory to support Autot

Infineon | 14-06-2023

Simplifying the PCB design process

PCBWay has announced its latest innovation - the KiCad plugin. This plugin is designed to simplify the PCB design process and make it more efficient for beginners and experienced designers. KiCad is an open-source software suite for EDA,

PCB | 13-06-2023

Next-gen oscilloscope software for Windows or Linux and Mac operating systems

Saelig Company, Inc has released the next-generation Pico Technology oscilloscope software – PicoScope 7. Based on PicoScope 6 software, it has been rewritten to take advantage of the latest PC and display technologies. The software is avai

Saelig | 13-06-2023

Collaboration accelerates mobile device silicon success

Cadence Design Systems, Inc continues to expand its collaboration with Arm to advance mobile device silicon success, supplying customers with a faster path to tapeout through the use of Cadence digital and verification tools and the new Arm

Cadence | 05-06-2023

Second edition of guide to robotics and automation released

Distrelec has released the second part of its Robotics and Automation Guide. This three-part eBook, written by Distrelec executives and industry experts, provides valuable insights to assist engineers in automating manufacturing processes a

Distrelec | 02-06-2023

Global partnership for next-gen BLE in advanced IoT device development

Laird Connectivity has announced a new addition to its Bluetooth portfolio via the extended development partnership with Silicon Labs. The forthcoming Lyra 24 Series of flexible BLE modules, USB adapters, and development kits provides meani

Laird | 31-05-2023

Instruction set simulator to generate and debug ARM64 programs

SEGGER has added a complete instruction set simulator to its latest Embedded Studio for ARM version. This follows the newly added compiler, linker, and runtime support for ARM64, which made it feasible to generate and debug ARM64 program

Segger | 31-05-2023

New technology enables ultra-low-latency audio over wireless links

Virscient has released LiveOnAir – a highly innovative technology that provides ultra-low-latency audio over low-power wireless links. The technology changes the game for key applications in live performance, such as digital wireless microp

Virscient Limited | 26-05-2023

Mobile app streamlines DWDM tuning and deployment processes

Integra Optics., an Infinite Electronics brand, has launched its Integra Tuner mobile app. The cutting-edge mobile application will assist field technicians working with dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology. Separate ver

Integra Optics | 23-05-2023

64-bit support for an all-in-one IDE solution for building embedded applications

The latest release of Embedded Studio, SEGGER's all-in-one IDE solution for building embedded applications, now supports ARMv8-A CPUs, including Cortex-A53, Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A72. With a similar look and feel on all platforms and com

Segger | 22-05-2023