Simulation tools bring complex power electronics applications to market faster

onsemi now offers a breakthrough in simulation tools for its EliteSiC SiC product family and its applications. The company released the online Elite Power Simulator and Self-Service PLECS Model Generator, which supply meaningful insights fo

onsemi | 30-03-2023

Accelerating RISC-V application software development from SoC concept to deployment

Imperas Software Ltd has announced a new three-way collaboration with MIPS and Ashling to support developers over all aspects of RISC-V software development for advanced processor applications. Based on the Imperas reference models for the

Imperas Software | 22-03-2023

Developer experience enriched with a new era of productivity

NXP Semiconductors has released the new MCUXpresso toolset, offering new tools and resources that provide developers with improved scalability, usability and portability, making it simpler and quicker to develop complex embedded application

NXP | 20-03-2023

Software-defined autonomous vehicle platform dev kit for the automotive community

Arrow Electronics is teaming up with NVIDIA to distribute the DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit globally, extending the accessibility of the scalable hardware and software autonomous vehicle platform to a wide variety of automotive stakeholders,

Arrow | 20-03-2023

Remote GPU system benchmarking for edge AI projects

Impulse Embedded now allows customers to test their code on a GPU computing system before purchasing project hardware and deploying AI project at the edge. The Remote Benchmarking service enables developers to test their model and applic

Impulse Embedded | 14-03-2023

Expanded line card offers wide range of new embedded manufacturer brands

Mouser has added many manufacturers of embedded systems and modules to its huge portfolio of more than 1,200 industry-leading brands over the past 24 months. Some of its newest embedded manufacturers and product highlights include: So

Mouser Electronics | 10-03-2023

First cloud-based system development tool to create IoT software

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a ground-breaking online, cloud-based IoT system design platform that allows users to graphically build hardware and software to validate prototypes and speed up product development. With the

Renesas | 10-03-2023

Video class support added to software for embedded systems

SEGGER has added video class support to its professional USB-Host software for embedded systems, emUSB-Host The software provides PC-like, plug-and-play support: Once a device is connected, it just works without the user's need for any a

Segger | 10-03-2023

Collaboration meets a growing demand for RISC-V processor verification

Imperas Software Ltd has announced a collaboration with Synopsys, Inc to fulfil the growing demand for RISC-V processor verification. This collaboration allows mutual customers to streamline their RISC-V verification tasks using ImperasDV v

Imperas Software | 03-03-2023

Strategy for reducing test development time using simulation tools

Pickering Interfaces has released its leading-edge hardware and software simulation tools. These tools help test engineers begin writing and verifying test program code, freeing them from supply chain constraints. This comes from its thr

Pickering | 24-02-2023

Providing a secure and open platform for advanced smart card applications

Together with Infineon Technologies AG, TrustSEC has launched its new advanced smart cards operating system (OS) BIO-SLCOS. The OS uses Infineon's latest high-performance SLC38 Secure Element to supply a secured and open platform that conne

Infineon | 22-02-2023

Companies partner to provide IoT security on wireless modules

Würth Elektronik has partnered with Crypto Quantique to collaborate with enhancing security for Würth Elektronik's wireless modules. Combining Crypto Quantique's QuarkLink security software platform with the company's wireless modules al

Wurth | 16-02-2023

New eBook explores the future in automotive design

Mouser has released a new eBook with Qorvo, underscoring the technology innovations reshaping automotive design. In 'The Future of Automotive', subject matter experts from the companies provide rich, practical analyses of technologies, incl

Mouser Electronics | 15-02-2023

Automated static linting and CDC analysis for FPGA and SoC FPGA designs

Aldec, Inc has updated its linting tool ALINT-PRO to enhance the support of Microchip Technology’s Libero SoC Design Suite. The new release supports automatic conversion of Libero projects into its environment for static linting and clock d

Aldec | 09-02-2023