Companies team up to deliver superior AV device management

06-02-2024 | ViewSonic | Industrial

ViewSonic Corp. has announced an enhanced partnership with Crestron Electronics Inc. Following the certification of ViewSonic's ViewBoard IFP62 series of interactive displays and CDE30 series of presentation displays on the Crestron Connected technology platform, the partnership will deliver a more accessible and simplified approach to audiovisual technology for onsite and offsite work.

"In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, the demand for seamless, centralised management across diverse screens has become more crucial than ever," said Clifford Chen, general manager of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic. "We are excited to increase our collaboration with Crestron, which aims to deliver unparalleled ease of use and efficient solutions. Moreover, the partnership ensures high-security standard control management for our customers."

"ViewSonic's commitment to innovation and quality AV solutions makes an ideal partner for us," says Bob Bavolacco, Creston's director of Technology Partner Programs. "The integration of ViewSonic's product into our Crestron Connected program and the Crestron XiO Cloud platform represents a significant advancement for our AV management ecosystem. We are excited to see how this collaboration will transform the management of audiovisual environments in business spaces, enhancing both the user experience and operational efficiency."

ViewSonic has developed myViewBoard Manager, a web-based platform allowing quick and efficient centralised management and remote control of its displays to simplify management and increase adaptability. This partnership enables Crestron's customers to adopt and manage ViewSonic's display solutions swiftly, thereby enriching the options of audiovisual solutions, including the advanced features and functionality of the IFP and CDE series and fulfilling the diverse needs of modern work environments. Simultaneously, this collaboration improves the utility of their existing IFP62 series and CDE30 series for ViewSonic customers. It allows seamless incorporation into centralised control systems and ensures improved compatibility with various devices from different brands, all supported by Crestron's platform.

The collaboration unites ViewSonic's visual technology expertise and Crestron's integration prowess. Event hosts and presenters can readily manage their presentation environment using the Crestron XiO Cloud or LAN control platform's web-based platform. This includes switching signals/input sources, adjusting image size and audio volume, or broadcasting public messages, which is particularly beneficial in large forum spaces with multiple displays. Moreover, adopting the XiO Cloud remote management feature allows IT administrators to effortlessly monitor device status from one location, minimising downtime and streamlining troubleshooting and maintenance processes.


By Seb Springall

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