Over 21,000 free ready-to-use CAD models for hardware design

Amphenol Communication Solutions and SnapEDA are releasing over 21,000 new digital models to assist designers to bring their products to market quicker. Electronic designers can spend weeks modelling the electronic components in circuit

Amphenol | 03-10-2022

IDE launched for ECU-level automIDE launched for ECU-level automotive software dev without hardwareotive software dev without hardware

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a new IDE that swiftly enables engineers to create software for automotive ECUs containing multiple hardware devices. The fully integrated environment supports co-simulation, debug and trace, hig

Renesas | 03-10-2022

New software release provides efficient creation of IoT-enabled PCB designs

With Release 2022 of eCADSTAR, Zuken advances the concept of a user-friendly, internet-connected PCB design system for the SME segment. Using its internet-connected platform and unified user interface for all applications (schematic, constr

eCADSTAR | 30-09-2022

Collaboration for next-generation automotive BMS

NXP Semiconductors is jointly developing a software platform with Elektrobit to support NXP’s newly introduced high-voltage battery management system (HVBMS) reference design. Employing Elektrobit’s Classic AUTOSAR tooling and software, the

NXP | 30-09-2022

Engineers benefit from boosted performance of updated data analysis software

The new version of data analysis software imc FAMOS 2022 from manufacturer imc Test & Measurement, a brand of Axiometrix Solutions, now incorporates a Python interface and supports parallel processing for modern multi-core PC architectu

imc Test & Measurement | 15-07-2022

Automotive platform extended for new software-defined vehicles

NXP Semiconductors NV has released two new processor families that expand the benefits of its innovative S32 automotive platform with safe, high-performance real-time processing. The S32Z and S32E processor families help allow the automotiv

NXP | 01-07-2022

ISO 15118-20 functionality available in controller software

Vector contributes its electric charging expertise to diverse committees and actively participates in the ISO 15118 20 of the International Organization for Standardization. Features based on this standard, including bidirectional charging,

Vector | 22-06-2022

Software delivers efficient creation of IoT-enabled PCB designs

With Release 2022 of eCADSTAR, Zuken advances the concept of a user-friendly, internet-connected PCB design system for the small and medium business segment. Leveraging eCADSTAR's internet-connected platform and unified user interface for a

eCADSTAR | 17-06-2022

Complex device driver software eases development of BMS for EVs

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released an AUTOSAR-compliant CDD software module for designers of automotive BMS in EVs. The new software pairs with its ISL78714 Li-Ion battery management IC to quicken design and optimise performance o

Renesas | 09-06-2022

Software designed to handle any compression task in any application

emCompress-PRO is a new all-in-one compression software from SEGGER and includes all industry-standard compression algorithms. The software is created to handle any compression task in any application, fulfilling requirements such as low me

Segger | 09-06-2022

Software updates to manufacturing operations platform

Aegis Software has new capabilities in its latest FactoryLogix 2022.1 and 2022.2 releases. It continues its commitment to agile, continuous delivery of value-added capabilities that drive operational superiority for its customers. The relea

Aegis | 06-05-2022

New environment for fast automotive software development and evaluation

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a virtual development environment that allows advanced development and operational evaluation of automotive application software to support the latest electrical/electronic architecture (E/E arch

Renesas | 20-04-2022

Radar software dev kit enhances automotive radar sensor capabilities

NXP Semiconductors has released powerful radar signal processing algorithms in the new Premium Radar SDK (PRSDK). It allows developers to enhance radar system performance, leveraging tight coupling of its advanced software algorithms with t

NXP | 11-04-2022

AI software suite reduces downtime and material costs while improving quality

MicroAI has announced the General Availability of MicroAI Factory. This fully integrated manufacturing software suite employs edge-native AI to ingest manufacturing floor data from existing systems and sensors to improve overall equipment e

MicroAI | 11-03-2022