Amphenol is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced interconnect, sensor, and antenna solutions. With a broad product portfolio that serves diverse markets including Automotive, Broadband Communications, Commercial Aerospace, Industrial, IT and Datacom, Military, and Mobile Devices and Networks, Amphenol is at the forefront of technological innovation. The company's commitment to sustainability and excellence is evident in its extensive range of products, which includes connectors, cable assemblies, sensors, antenna solutions, and power distribution systems. Amphenol's expertise in creating high-performance, reliable solutions makes it a preferred partner in various demanding applications worldwide.

Mini-FAKRA cable assemblies portfolio for automotive and industrial applications

Amphenol RF has expanded its AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA cable assembly portfolio with further pre-configured cable assemblies. These assemblies are offered in straight single, dual, or qu

Automotive & Transport | 29-05-2024

Zigbee antennas and related cable assemblies enable mesh networking

Amphenol RF expands its antenna portfolio with internal and external IoT antennas that support the Zigbee wireless communication protocol, which is designed specifically for low-po

Passives | 21-05-2024

UWB antennas facilitate reliable low-power and high-speed communication

Amphenol RF announced the expansion of its emerging antenna portfolio with various UWB antenna options. UWB antennas can cover frequencies from 3.1GHz to 10.6GHz. These antennas de

Passives | 02-05-2024

Innovative IoT antennas with LoRa capabilities drive new design

Amphenol RF has expanded its antenna portfolio with external, spring and embedded chip antennas developed to meet the increasing demand for long-range, low-power connectivity solut

Passives | 16-04-2024

Cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E antennas enhance wireless connectivity

Amphenol RF has launched new Wi-Fi 6E antennas. With the growing demand for faster, more reliable internet connections, the company continues to pave the way with advanced antenna

Passives | 22-03-2024

Uninterrupted performance is offered with waterproof front-mount RP-SMA connectors

Amphenol RF has expanded its versatile SMA product portfolio with further reverse polarity front mount bulkhead jacks. The bulkhead jacks are engineered to house a variety of micro

Industrial | 15-02-2024

Supporting heavy equipment designs with waterproof IP67 RP-TNC connectors

Amphenol RF announced the expansion of its miniature-sized TNC interface with additional reverse polarity configurations. These new configurations are designed to accommodate micro

Industrial | 13-02-2024

Ruggedised USB Type-C connector for harsh environments

Amphenol Socapex has released a ruggedised USB Type-C connector, USB3CFTV, based on the MIL-DTL-38999 series III standard.The connector is a rugged solution designed to withstand h

Industrial | 19-01-2024

Highly efficient small form GNSS and GPS patch antennas deliver accurate navigation

Amphenol RF has introduced embedded GNSS and GPS antennas into its growing antenna solutions. These passive and active internal antennas supply a lightweight, compact option for ap

Passives | 07-11-2023

Easily connect to external antennas with new N-Type to SMA cable assemblies

Amphenol RF has expanded its between-series cable assembly series with N-Type plug to SMA plug assemblies on flexible RG-142 cable. Combining the more ruggedised N-Type connector w

Industrial | 12-09-2023

Growing antennas portfolio supports NFC-Forum standards

Amphenol RF has introduced NFC antennas into its growing portfolio of internal RF antennas. NFC antennas are straightforward to use and deliver high-performance capabilities which

Passives | 09-08-2023

Developing high-voltage solutions with pre-configured MHV cable assemblies

Amphenol RF has introduced its MHV cable assemblies into various pre-configured assembly options. These cables can support high-voltages of DC current. They are designed on industr

Industrial | 08-08-2023

Robust 12G broadcast portfolio with new BNC adapter developed for easy mating

Amphenol RF has expanded its 12G product line with a new BNC jack-to-plug adapter. This coaxial adapter differs from the standard bayonet coupling mechanism, which is common to the

Industrial | 04-08-2023

New IP67 TNC jacks suited to designs for outdoor use

Amphenol RF has expanded its popular miniature sized TNC interface with further configurations developed to accommodate micro coax cable types. These new configurations are IP67 ra

Industrial | 03-08-2023