Kyocera AVX

New and high-reliability defence-spec capacitors for demanding applications

Kyocera AVX has released the new TCD Series DLA 04051 and COTS-Plus conductive polymer capacitors. These new high-reliability conductive polymer capacitors are engineered for usage

Passives | 11-04-2024

Harsh environment battery connector series expanded

Kyocera AVX has expanded its robust and extremely user-friendly 9155-800 Series vertical-mate, 2mm-pitch battery connectors with seven- and eight-position models to meet customer d

Industrial | 14-03-2024

New low-profile antennas offer the widest range for automotive applications

Kyocera AVX recently released the new A-Series low-profile, surface-mount automotive antennas at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The new series of low-profile SMT antennas are qualified acc

Passives | 26-02-2024

New code added to high-temperature series of wet tantalum capacitors

Kyocera AVX has added a new 100mF/3V rating to its TWD High-Temp Max-Cap (HTMC) Series hermetically sealed and axial leaded DLA T4-size wet tantalum capacitors. Initially launched

Passives | 13-02-2024

MLVs with automotive-grade flexible terminations meet AEC-Q200 and VW80808 standards

Kyocera AVX has announced that several VCAS Series MLVs are now qualified for the VW80808 and AEC-Q200 standards. These MLVs were the industry’s first MLVs equipped with automotive


Safety-certified MLCC capacitors deliver high reliability, stability, and capacitance in small case size

Kyocera AVX has extended its broad portfolio of commercial surface-mount MLCCs by releasing its first safety-certified MLCCs, the new Class X1/Y2 KGK Series and Class X2 KGH Series

Passives | 19-01-2024

New miniature high-pass thin-film filters

Kyocera AVX has launched a new series of miniature high-pass thin-film filters engineered to supply outstanding high-frequency performance in various space-constrained microwave an

Industrial | 04-01-2024

Multilayer organic filters deliver best-in-class performance

Kyocera AVX offers three MLO filter series designed and field-proven to supply best-in-class performance in various RF applications. The LP Series MLO low-pass, HF Series MLO high-

Passives | 01-12-2023

New supercapacitors delivering high reliability available now

KYOCERA AVX has expanded its PrizmaCap line of rugged, high-capacitance, and high-reliability supercapacitors with two new Gen II series. The new supercapacitors EDLCs supply highe

Passives | 15-11-2023

Poke-home single contacts offer cost and space savings

Kyocera AVX offers the new 9296-11X Series STRIPT vertical poke-home through-board contacts for 12–18AWG wire. The new series of vertical through-board contacts further expands the

Industrial | 06-10-2023

New series of connected supercapacitor modules

Kyocera AVX has released the new SCM Series double-layer, series-connected electrochemical supercapacitor modules. The new series of connected supercapacitor modules can be employe

Passives | 18-09-2023

Automotive-qualified supercapacitors meet stringent standards

Kyocera AVX announced its first automotive-qualified supercapacitors,  known as cylindrical, electrochemical, double-layer capacitors. These five new automotive-qualified SCC Serie

Passives | 16-08-2023

New high-performance OCXO products

KYOCERA AVX has launched its first OCXO products. The new high-performance products are the latest addition to its line of frequency control solutions. The OCXOs are widely employe

Semiconductors | 28-07-2023

Time and cost-saving series of capped IDC connectors

Kyocera AVX has added four- and five-position models to its 9176-700 Series capped insulation displacement contact (IDC) connectors for 18–24AWG wire, which are engineered to meet

Automotive & Transport | 27-04-2023