Collaboration using software containers to accelerate embedded platform development

The new NXP Semiconductors Platform Accelerator, co-developed with MicroEJ, uses software containers with standard APIs to bring smartphone-like software design flexibility to the

Industrial | 08-01-2024

Automotive wireless connectivity portfolio expanded with Wi-Fi 6E solution

NXP Semiconductors has released the AW693, a new automotive-qualified wireless connectivity solution. Developed for automotive from the ground up and part of the industry's most co

Semiconductors | 30-10-2023

Bringing rich multimedia experiences to mass-market two-wheelers

NXP Semiconductors has revealed a combined digital instrument cluster and connectivity reference platform for mass-market two-wheelers, including motorcycles, electric scooters, co

Semiconductors | 20-10-2023

Automotive MCUs ready for AWS cloud services

NXP Semiconductors extends its support for secure cloud connectivity across the NXP S32 vehicle compute platform by integrating AWS cloud services into its widely adopted S32K3 aut

Semiconductors | 13-10-2023

Secure eID solutions ensure personal identity documents remain secure

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled the JCOP ID 2 secure eID solution, developed to help make personal identity documents more secure while complying with the most recent governmental

Software | 31-08-2023

5G radios shrink with new top-side cooling for RF power

NXP Semiconductors has released a family of top-side cooled RF amplifier modules based on a packaging innovation designed to permit thinner, lighter radios for 5G infrastruct

Power | 12-06-2023

Secure and energy-efficient edge device family expands Linux capabilities

NXP Semiconductors has launched the i.MX 91 applications processor family. Building on more than two decades of developing multi-market applications processors, the family provides

Power | 01-06-2023

MRAM enables new features to accelerate OTA updates and remove bottlenecks

NXP Semiconductors is collaborating with TSMC to supply the industry's first automotive-embedded MRAM in 16nm FinFET technology. As automakers move to software-defined vehicles (SD

Automotive & Transport | 19-05-2023

Secure and connected MCU enables faster NFC authentication

NXP Semiconductors has released the PN7642, a single-chip solution that combines a customisable MCU, an NFC reader and SESIP-Level 2 security to deliver faster, more secure NFC tra

Semiconductors | 23-03-2023

Developer experience enriched with a new era of productivity

NXP Semiconductors has released the new MCUXpresso toolset, offering new tools and resources that provide developers with improved scalability, usability and portability, making it

Industrial | 20-03-2023

Ramping up production of high-performance radar processors

NXP Semiconductors has launched the latest member of its scalable S32R radar processor family into production. Tailored to fulfil the more demanding processing necessities to suppo

Semiconductors | 06-03-2023

Secure element simplifies security and improves user experience for Matter devices

NXP Semiconductors has released the EdgeLock SE051H, a secure element designed for Matter, adding to the industry's widest portfolio of Matter devices. The device is a single-chip

Semiconductors | 27-02-2023

Protecting machine learning IP with watermarking tool

NXP Semiconductors now offers a new eIQ Model Watermarking tool to its eIQ Toolkit for machine learning development. The new tool is the industry’s first effective tool to assist d

Industrial | 26-01-2023

Advanced radar one-chip family for ADAS and autonomous driving systems

NXP Semiconductors has released a new industry-first 28nm RFCMOS radar one-chip IC family for next-generation ADAS and autonomous driving systems. The new SAF85xx one-chip family i

Semiconductors | 16-01-2023