Electrical impedance tomography system introduced

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the Sciospec ISX-3 Electrical Impedance Tomography System. EIT is a non-invasive medical and industrial imaging modality in which the electrical imp

Test & Measurement | 19-04-2024

Economical digital multimeters fulfil most requirements of a high-quality device

Saelig Company, Inc. now supplies the Rigol DM858/DM858E Digital Multimeter Series, which provides cost-effective benchtop test measurement capabilities for electronics technicians

Test & Measurement | 15-03-2024

Versatile and easy-use all-in-one PCB board tester

Saelig Company, Inc. offers an easy-use universal PCB test solution employing the ABI BoardMaster – a unique, versatile, self-contained, and easy-to-use PCB test system housed in a

Test & Measurement | 07-03-2024

High-resolution oscilloscope for high-speed applications

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the PicoScope 6428E-D four-channel high-speed oscilloscope, a new addition to Pico Technology’s PicoScope 6000E Series, supplying up to 3GHz bandwid

Test & Measurement | 01-03-2024

Impedance analyser with an extremely wide range released

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Sciospec LCR-1 Impedance Analyser – a PC-based single-channel compact LCR meter that delivers precise two-, three- and four-port measurement

Test & Measurement | 14-02-2024

Spectrum analyser delivers real-time spectrum analysis to 7.25GHz

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Aaronia Spectran V6 ECO 100XA-6 real-time, high-performance spectrum analyser and monitoring receiver, developed to capture even the shortes

Test & Measurement | 17-01-2024

All-in-one portable clamp-on ultrasonic transit-time flow meter

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the Coltraco Portasonic Plus, which can non-invasively measure the flow rates of most clean liquids in pipes without the problematic contamination a

Test & Measurement | 07-12-2023

High-bandwidth and high-resolution oscilloscopes deliver advanced features

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the Siglent SDS7000A series of high-bandwidth, high-resolution oscilloscopes with advanced features such as 20GSa/s sampling, 12-bit vertical resolu

Test & Measurement | 28-11-2023

Three-axis testing antenna compatible with any spectrum analyser

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the Aaronia IsoLOG 3D Mobile PRO Three-Axis Testing Antennas for RF measurements up to 8GHz. The 3D Mobile PRO is an exceptionally light and small i

Passives | 07-11-2023

Demo boards minimise energy waste

Saelig Company, Inc. offers the availability of the Pulsiv PSV-AD-250-DS Evaluation Boards for the OSMIUM Microcontroller family, which facilitates rapid customer evaluation of the

Test & Measurement | 05-10-2023

Versatile data acquisition system meets different measurement requirements

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the GWInstek DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System – a modularised, customisable data acquisition system with excellent flexibility and precise performan

Test & Measurement | 20-09-2023

Economical and portable high-resolution 12-bit oscilloscope series

Saelig Company, Inc. offers the Rigol DHO800/900 Oscilloscope Series, Rigol's newest high-performance 12-bit economical digital oscilloscopes. They are portable and provide the hig

Test & Measurement | 15-09-2023

Rapid deployment inflatable EMI shielded RF enclosures

Saelig Company, Inc. has released the Select Fabricators Series 700 EMI Enclosures – reliable, portable, and lightweight RF and EMI shielding enclosures in standard sizes with a fa

Industrial | 12-09-2023

Clamp-on and non-invasive transit time ultrasonic flow meter

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the Coltraco Permaflow Ultrasonic Transit-time Flow and Heat Meter, which utilises a pair of clamp-on ultrasonic transducers to monitor fluid flow r

Test & Measurement | 31-08-2023