High voltage precision thick film chip resistors available now

High-voltage applications often need high-voltage resistors with high accuracy for voltage division, monitoring, and control. Some applications with more moderate working voltages may experience high voltage surges, which could damage gener

Stackpole | 24-10-2023

USB variants to right angle feedthrough connector added to range

Cliff Electronics has added to its Right-Angle FeedThrough (RAFT) connector range. The Cliff RAFT connector range is excellent for connectivity in wall-mounted boxes where the depth is not available for rear entry or where cable access is n

Cliff Electronics | 20-10-2023

Near-eye display module solutions provide an immersive viewing experience

Review Display Systems offers the availability of a range of immersive near-eye display (NED) modules. A range of high-performance micro-OLED and micro-LCD displays providing ultra-high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and low po

Review Display | 19-10-2023

Smart connector provides efficient solution for hospital and care home facilities

Large medical facilities have an immense pool of equipment, from station computers to laboratory devices to X-ray machines. Maintaining an overview of these resources demands intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions. One significant aid is t

Schurter | 17-10-2023

Filtered inlet delivers enhanced attenuation in compact package

Schurter has expanded its IEC filtered inlet family to include the latest 5124 series, which attains a much higher attenuation than earlier series 5120 and 5123. The enhanced filter performance is achieved by including the latest in high-pe

Schurter | 13-10-2023

30W AC/DC range expanded with an open frame version

The RECOM RACM30-K/277 range of low-cost, board-mount AC/DCs has been expanded to include an open frame option, halving the weight compared with existing potted versions. The highly efficient series provides 30W continuous and up to 36W

RECOM Power | 09-10-2023

Miniature medically approved AC/DC modules offer 40W with easy integration

XP Power has released a family of single output, PCB mounting AC/DC power modules with power ratings from 3W to 40W that deliver easy integration into BF applications. These new, compact solutions will primarily benefit from applications su

XP Power | 06-10-2023

Medical grade DC-DC converter with extended temperature range

CUI Inc, a Bel group company, has released its PTP15 Series – a 15W, 5-pin DIP isolated DC-DC converter, specialised for medical instrumentation and home medical supplies. Supplying 4000VAC isolation or 5600VDC isolation with a 2:1 input

CUI Inc | 06-10-2023

Accelerating innovation at the edge with new SOM and starter kit

AMD has released the AMD Kria K24 SOM and KD240 Drives Starter Kit, the latest additions to the Kria portfolio of adaptive SOMs and developer kits. The SOM provides power-efficient compute in a small form factor and targets cost-sensitive i

AMD | 29-09-2023

New line of easy-to-install locking field-termination power connectors

Transtector now offers a new line of locking field-termination power connectors. The standard IEC C13 connectors are utilised to power countless components, allow you to make quick and easy field installations for minimal downtime, and lock

Transtector | 26-09-2023

Wireless modules provide Wi-Fi 6 and Matter compatibility

Mouser now stocks the CMP961x Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules from CEL (California Eastern Laboratories). These modules are based on NXP Semiconductors’ IW611 and IW612 wireless SoC and deliver the performance and network optimisation capabilit

Mouser Electronics | 25-09-2023

AC/DC power supply with 12V and 48V outputs and 800W peak power

RECOM has released two new cost-effective RACM600-L AC/DC series variants with 12V and 48V outputs. Adding to the current 24V output version, the new parts are also rated for extended peak power operation up to 800W. The new parts are de

RECOM Power | 21-09-2023

Developing an analog compute platform to accelerate edge AI/ML inferencing

Microchip Technology, through its Silicon Storage Technology subsidiary, is helping with the development of this platform by supplying an evaluation system for its SuperFlash memBrain neuromorphic memory solution. The solution is based on M

Microchip Technology | 21-09-2023

Industrial PCAP kits for Raspberry Pi

Inelco Hunter offers an extended range of capacitive touch screen kit options for the Raspberry Pi: Three display sizes of 5", 7" and 10.1". Fully assembled with a Raspberry Pi or in kit form to add your own Pi and a rugged industrial case

Inelcohunter | 20-09-2023