High-performance interconnect systems allow for increased density and simplified PCB design

Samtec, Inc. now offers the Optical FireFly Micro Flyover System, the first interconnect system with the flexibility to utilise micro-footprint high-performance optical and copper interconnects interchangeably. Comprising a transceiver, two

Samtec | 15-01-2024

Single chip LCOS panel for next-generation smart AR/XR/MR glasses

OMNIVISION now offers the new OP03050, a low-power, small form factor liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) panel that combines the LCOS array, driving circuit, framebuffer and interface in a single chip. The device supplies a high-resolution, i

OMNIVISION | 12-01-2024

Wide range of low-profile and high-efficiency power supplies for medical applications launched

COSEL Co, Ltd has launched a wide range of low-profile power supplies for medical applications. The WMA series comprises two families, the WMA-F and the WMA-H. The WMA-F has a universal input range of 85VAC to 264VAC and is available in thr

Cosel | 12-01-2024

Latest RFID high-frequency solutions available now

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry's leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components™, is stocking the latest RFID High-Frequency Solutions from Molex. These high-

Mouser Electronics | 11-01-2024

Multi-colour LEDs for vital sign monitoring

Mouser now stocks the ams OSRAM SFH 7018x Multiled for Vital Sign Monitoring. These multi-colour LEDs created for Vital Sign Monitoring provide a highly reflective QFN package for greatly increased light output. These three-in-one, high-

Mouser Electronics | 10-01-2024

New double magnet speakers feature high sound output

CUI Devices' Audio Group has announced the addition of new double-magnet speaker models to its speaker portfolio. Obtainable in square frame sizes from 42.5mm to 48mm, the CDS speaker family's double neodymium magnet design provides sound p

CUI Devices | 28-12-2023

Drives starter kit for industrial automation and robotics applications

Mouser now offers the Kria KD240 drives starter kit from AMD Xilinx. The drives starter kit is a cost-optimised hardware, software, and platform solution that provides control system architects and embedded software developers a quick, out-

Mouser Electronics | 21-12-2023

Barometric pressure and temperature sensor ideal for activity tracking applications and wearables

Mouser now stocks the ENS220 barometric pressure and temperature sensor from ScioSense. Offering a 1kHz data rate, the sensor is housed in a small 2mm x 2mm x 0.75mm LGA package with digital I2C and SPI interfaces. The single-die sensor sup

Mouser Electronics | 20-12-2023

Power supply brings high power with digital control to challenging applications

XP Power is making intelligent and flexible higher power levels available to key medical, industrial and semiconductor fabrication applications with the release of its new HPF3K0 series. Advances in cutting-edge surgical/medical equipmen

XP Power | 08-12-2023

CR2032 3V battery is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications

Renata's CR2032 3V batteries incorporate long-term availability, quality, performance, and compatibility with other common battery models. This makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including as an emergency power

Rutronik | 06-12-2023

Three-phase transformers for industrial and medical applications

Bel Fuse Inc. has announced that its Signal Transformer division released the expansion to their 3PH Series of Three Phase Dry Type Transformers aimed at medical, industrial, lighting, EV charging and green energy applications. Adaptable

Bel Fuse | 05-12-2023

Simplifying assemblies with SMT wire-to-board connector

Hirose has extended its low-profile DF51K wire-to-board connector series to include an SMT version. Compatible with automated assembly processes, including pick-and-place machines, the series simplifies the assembly process and saves consid

Hirose | 05-12-2023

Configurable power supply has 4X the power density of conventional products

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. has released a new configurable power supply that delivers optimised, application-specific power conversion in a small form factor with up to four times higher power density than conventional solutions. T

Advanced Energy | 29-11-2023

Automotive SoC targeted at ADAS and AV applications

The Texas Instruments TDA4VH, TDA4AH, TDA4VP, and TDA4AP processor family is based on the evolutionary Jacinto 7 architecture, targeted at ADAS and AV applications and constructed on extensive market knowledge accumulated over a decade of t

Texas Instruments | 27-11-2023