Small size and impressive performance of mini PCs kits and boards

'Next Unit of Computing' offered by the new Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PCs, kits, and boards, and available now from Rutronik, are suited to a wide range of applications in 24/7 operation. The Mini PC with the proven 4" x 4" form factor contains

Rutronik | 28-06-2023

New LED UV adhesive evaluation kit for medical device assembly

To assist medical device manufacturers in evaluating whether LED UV curing adhesives suit their design and assembly process, adhesives specialist Intertronics has released a new UV adhesives evaluation kit for medical devices. The IUV101 Me

Intertronics | 28-06-2023

Ultrafast rectifiers deliver high current ratings in a DFN3820A package

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc offers four new series of 200V FRED Pt ultrafast rectifiers in the low profile DFN3820A package with wettable flanks. Supplying space-saving, high-efficiency solutions for commercial, industrial, and automotive a

Vishay | 27-06-2023

Rugged case now available for 10.1" Pi touchscreen kit

Inelco Hunter now offers the availability of a rugged, industrial-grade steel case for its 10.1" PCAP Touch Screen Kit, developed to work with the Raspberry Pi. This cost-effective, pre-assembled display kit with the new steel enclosure rea

Inelcohunter | 27-06-2023

Chip resistors offer excellent resistance tolerances and low TCR

Applications such as medical equipment, instrumentation, test equipment, and precision controls commonly need resistors with tight tolerance and accuracy concerning temperature. However, finding quality chip resistors with tolerances tighte

Stackpole | 23-06-2023

Plastic angled connectors designed for tight installation spaces

Plastic angled connectors with snap-in locking are sensitive to faulty handling and therefore challenging in design terms. For the 720 miniature series, binder has created a safe and robust field-attachable angled version addressing applica

Binder | 19-06-2023

High-power-density AC/DC power supply provides enhanced design flexibility

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc has expanded its SL Power NGB family of AC/DC power supplies by adding a new 150W series. As with the company’s existing NGB family ranging from 250W to 1200W, the new NGB150 series fulfils the performance, s

Advanced Energy | 15-06-2023

Dual-Core Bluetooth 5.2 module for medical or industrial and complex IoT applications

The ISP2053 Dual-Core Bluetooth 5.2 module from Insight SiP complements the Rutronik Wireless portfolio. Measuring only 8mm x 8mm x 1mm, the particularly small LGA module builds on the nRF5340 chip from Nordic Semiconductor and provides pow

Rutronik | 14-06-2023

Cutting-edge solution for medical capacitor charging and AC/DC power supplies

Display Technology offers the new FC1500 Series, particularly designed to fulfil the demanding power needs of medical laser applications. The FC15M model, supplied with a configurable AC/DC power supply and unparalleled features, establishe

Display Technology | 14-06-2023

Powering on a battery-operated medical or IoT device

Rhopoint Components Ltd has produced this guide for options and considerations to Extend Battery Life. Battery-operated, wirelessly connected devices are becoming increasingly pervasive in today's society. Driven forward by advancements in

Rhopoint Components Ltd | 12-06-2023

Industrial motherboard supports extensive graphics performance

Review Display Systems has announced the introduction of an AMD-powered mini-ITX SBC from Kontron. The new high-performance Kontron D3723-R mini-ITX industrial motherboard supports the AMD Ryzen Embedded R2000 series processors with integra

Review Display | 12-06-2023

µModule regulator for low-noise sensitive applications

Mouser is now shipping the LTM8080 µModule regulator fraom Analog Devices. The device is a super low-noise, dual output DC-DC μModule regulator with patented silicon, layout and packaging innovations, specifically created to power digital l

Mouser Electronics | 08-06-2023

High current output voltage references offer low power and high precision

Analog Devices Inc. ADR3630 High Current Output Voltage References, available now from Mouser, are low power, high precision power management IC voltage references providing a 3ppm/C (maximum) temperature coefficient for the B grade in an 8

Mouser Electronics | 05-06-2023

Miniature six-axis force-torque sensor elevates robotics performance

Bota Systems has released its smallest sensor yet, the MiniONE. Created to improve micro-robotic systems with haptic feedback, the MiniONE is a six-axis sensor that is straightforward to install between a robot arm and nearly any end-of-arm

Bota Systems | 26-05-2023