Thermal jumpers help lower temperatures for high power supplies

Power supply designers, grappling with thermal challenges as power levels surge, often find traditional heat reduction methods impractical due to size, layout, or cost constraints.

Industrial | 20-05-2024

Four-terminal Kelvin shunts for high-end data servers

High-efficiency applications like high-end data servers rely on low resistance values to minimise wasted power. Sensing accuracy becomes difficult when the application utilises a v

Passives | 14-05-2024

Automotive grade surge withstanding chip resistor has outstanding pulse handling

Many types of electronic products across various market segments need higher reliability components. Automotive grade resistors offer increased reliability and enhanced performance

Passives | 26-04-2024

Four terminal shunt chip resistors deliver for high-efficiency applications

Applications requiring high-efficiency current sensing, such as avionics, communications and infrastructure, tablets, and graphics drivers, generally demand extremely low resistanc

Passives | 16-04-2024

Automotive grade MELF for high stability measurement and metering applications

For applications that demand high stability, such as metering, instrumentation and measurement, design engineers are challenged to find a resistor that fulfils the electrical deman

Passives | 15-03-2024

Automotive grade precision chip resistors for industrial and automotive controls

Automotive and industrial electronics require performance under harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures. Film chip resistors are generally limited to full power

Passives | 21-02-2024

Lead-free automotive grade chip resistor series now available

In anticipation of the forthcoming review of RoHS and the current exemptions permitted by the EU, an increasing number of markets are investigating fully RoHS-compliant alternative

Passives | 08-02-2024

Ultra-high power thin film chip resistors for industrial applications

Industrial electronic controls and instrumentation pose challenges to designers. Industrial applications require high power handling and stability in harsh environmental environmen

Passives | 31-01-2024

New surface mount thermal jumper chips released

Today's power supplies, amplifiers, and servers perform at unprecedented levels. The thermal impact of this performance can be significant and may elevate the temperature above the

Passives | 18-01-2024

High power pulse withstanding chip resistors for high-reliability applications

As power ratings continue to increase, the power handling demands for chip resistors also increase. If the application also needs reliable pulse handling, the options for high cont

Passives | 15-01-2024

High current shunts capable of high-temperature operation

As power electronics evolve, the need for high current, low resistance sensing resistors continues growing. For industrial power control and automotive engine controls, high-temper

Power | 13-12-2023

Automotive grade high current jumper now available

Zero-ohm jumpers are widely used in all electronic circuits for various markets and end products. Jumpers make circuitry routing easier and simplify manufacturability. However, jum

Power | 01-12-2023

Automotive grade high voltage chip resistors for EV power systems

Automotive electronics have historically been associated with low-voltage applications. The EV market has changed; today, EV designers face challenges when developing power systems

Passives | 22-11-2023

High power anti-sulfur thin film chip resistors for harsh environments

Thin film chip resistors are often used for modern electronic designs due to their outstanding precision and stability. However, thin film technology is usually more expensive and

Passives | 31-10-2023