Industrial plugs and sockets deliver safety and toughness

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of Amphenol's Industrial range of plugs and sockets, which combine toughness with ease of use and safety-critical features. 'Easy &

Industrial | 03-06-2024

XLR audio connector range offers ten colour-coded sleeve options

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Amphenol RF AX Series Colour Coded Sleeve System for the industry-standard XLR plug and socket connectors. Amphenol developed th

Industrial | 24-05-2024

High-brightness display with glove-touch has tough 3mm glass

Inelco Hunter now offers the new Powertip PH800480T030-ZHR06, a high-resolution, high-brightness, glove-touch 5" display featuring rugged 3mm screen glass. The touch display is esp

Industrial | 07-05-2024

Bar-type high-resolution touch display with large-area screen and full viewing angle

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Powertip 7" Bar-type touch display, which is keenly anticipated to fulfil the requirements of many industrial and commercial app

Industrial | 15-03-2024

High-temperature M12 heavy-duty IP68 connector

Inelco Hunter now offers the M12, heavy-duty HDM12 high-temperature connector from Amphenol. It has been engineered for harsh applications with elevated vibration and demanding env

Automotive & Transport | 28-02-2024

High-Speed embedded camera modules offer ultra-short exposure times

Inelco Hunter now offers the TechNexion range of embedded camera modules. The embedded camera modules are high-performance, industrial-grade solutions to speed up time-to-market. T

Industrial | 25-01-2024

High strength and corrosion-resistant IP68 connector coupling system

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Amphenol Sine Systems' ecomate Aquarius Fathom Lock Series of waterproof connectors for industrial applications. In a mated cond

Industrial | 06-12-2023

New TVS array protects high-speed data from ESD

Inelco Hunter offers the availability of the new ProTek Devices PTA03-3.3ULC, a high power, low capacitance TVS hybrid array Gigabit Ethernet Protector. It has been developed to pr

Power | 09-10-2023

Industrial PCAP kits for Raspberry Pi

Inelco Hunter offers an extended range of capacitive touch screen kit options for the Raspberry Pi: Three display sizes of 5", 7" and 10.1". Fully assembled with a Raspberry Pi or

Industrial | 20-09-2023

Rugged case now available for 10.1" Pi touchscreen kit

Inelco Hunter now offers the availability of a rugged, industrial-grade steel case for its 10.1" PCAP Touch Screen Kit, developed to work with the Raspberry Pi. This cost-effective

Test & Measurement | 27-06-2023

Fast touch display modules provide fast time-to-market

Inelco Hunter now offers the Powertip STM32 range of touch display modules, including a powerful STMicroelectronics MCU chip with an Arm Cortex-M7 480MHz core. The modules target a

Semiconductors | 16-05-2023

Compact and durable lightweight board connectors

Inelco Hunter offers three new ranges of wire-to-board and cable-to-board connectors from Amphenol, all providing a compact, durable, low-profile and lightweight design. Applicatio

Industrial | 12-04-2023

Smart plug and play touch displays have easy set-up

Inelco Hunter now offers two new 5" and 7" Powertip Smart UART Displays. They provide a simple three-wire connection and a Smart Plug and Play interface to define the graphic layou

Industrial | 03-04-2023