OKW MEDITEC: Advanced Enclosures for Medical and Laboratory Devices

OKW's MEDITEC range offers cutting-edge enclosures designed for desktop, portable, and wall-mounted electronics, now available in two versatile versions across four plan sizes. These enclosures are not just components but a pivotal part of

OKW Enclosures | 13-11-2023

Embedded SBCs feature Intel's latest processors

Advantech has announced that its ESBCs will be upgraded with the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors, Intel Core mobile processors, and Intel Processor N Series. The new Intel processors will obtain considerable performance enhancements t

Advantech | 07-11-2023

New ultra-high performance MCUs are first based on Arm Cortex-M85 processor

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the world’s most powerful MCUs, supplying breakthrough performance of over 3000 CoreMark points and fully deterministic, low latency, real-time operation that fulfils customers’ most demanding

Renesas | 06-11-2023

New eBook highlights simplicity and efficiency of 8-Bit MCUs

Mouser has released a new eBook in collaboration with Microchip Technology, highlighting value propositions and use cases for 8-bit MCUs. In 'The Mighty 8-Bit Microcontroller', industry thought leaders present unique perspectives on how 8-b

Mouser Electronics | 03-11-2023

Single-phase block filter series extended with new high-performance model

Schurter has introduced its new FMAB NEO High-Performance single-phase block filter, designed to satisfy the demands of increasing EMI generated in modern-day electronic applications. As compact electronic devices become smaller and more

Schurter | 03-11-2023

SBC delivers extensive scalability and expansion options

Review Display Systems now offers a new industrial-specification mini-ITX SBC from Kontron. The Kontron K3833-Q mini-ITX supplies a wide range of scalability with support for a multitude of Intel processors including the 12th and 13th gener

Review Display | 01-11-2023

First MCU series with SoC security services

Mouser now ships the STM32H5 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics. The device is the first microcontroller series with SoC security services accessible for the next generation of smart, connected devices in industrial automation, medical

Mouser Electronics | 31-10-2023

Highly accurate and robust induction motor position sensing technology

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released a cost-effective IPS technology for highly accurate motor position sensor ICs for industrial, medical and robotics applications. Using non-contact coil sensors, the position sensing technology ca

Renesas | 31-10-2023

New medical buzzers comply with IEC 60601-1-8 alarm signal requirements

CUI Devices' Audio Group offers a new line of medical buzzers compliant with the alarm signal requirements of IEC 60601-1-8. The CPIM family is a range of piezo audio indicator buzzers that produce low, medium, and high priority tones for g

CUI Devices | 25-10-2023

High voltage precision thick film chip resistors available now

High-voltage applications often need high-voltage resistors with high accuracy for voltage division, monitoring, and control. Some applications with more moderate working voltages may experience high voltage surges, which could damage gener

Stackpole | 24-10-2023

USB variants to right angle feedthrough connector added to range

Cliff Electronics has added to its Right-Angle FeedThrough (RAFT) connector range. The Cliff RAFT connector range is excellent for connectivity in wall-mounted boxes where the depth is not available for rear entry or where cable access is n

Cliff Electronics | 20-10-2023

Near-eye display module solutions provide an immersive viewing experience

Review Display Systems offers the availability of a range of immersive near-eye display (NED) modules. A range of high-performance micro-OLED and micro-LCD displays providing ultra-high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and low po

Review Display | 19-10-2023

Smart connector provides efficient solution for hospital and care home facilities

Large medical facilities have an immense pool of equipment, from station computers to laboratory devices to X-ray machines. Maintaining an overview of these resources demands intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions. One significant aid is t

Schurter | 17-10-2023

Filtered inlet delivers enhanced attenuation in compact package

Schurter has expanded its IEC filtered inlet family to include the latest 5124 series, which attains a much higher attenuation than earlier series 5120 and 5123. The enhanced filter performance is achieved by including the latest in high-pe

Schurter | 13-10-2023