Upgraded six-position voltage selector available now

Schurter has announced an enhancement to its voltage selector series SWZ. The six-position selector now offers elevated mechanical and electrical performance by upgrading the termi

Industrial | 28-03-2024

Specialist for customised control panels

Developing touchscreens for outdoor use requires specialist knowledge. Based on many years of experience, SCHURTER engineers find the right combination of components, materials, so

Industrial | 19-03-2024

NEMA receptacles offer ease of assembly and more power performance

Schurter’s NR520, which is the NEMA standard 5-20R (20A at 125V) configuration, complements its existing range of outlets with the configuration NEMA 5-15R (15A at 125V). The NR se

Power | 06-03-2024

Metal line of indicators constructed of high-grade stainless steel

Schurter has introduced its new MSM II AE Metal Line indicator series, created to complement its recently launched MSM II Metal Line pushbutton switch series. The new range of indi

Industrial | 23-02-2024

Breaking capacity rating added to chip fuse series

SCHURTER’s slow-blow UST 1206 series chip fuse with outstanding rated current values up to 25A has added another breaking capacity rating to its specification. The range of ratings

Passives | 28-12-2023

Improved power entry module with circuit breaker

Schurter series DG11 and DG12 with and without mains filter provide a first-of-its-kind ingress protection solution for IEC inlets, comprising a sealing gasket between the connecto

Power | 04-12-2023

Customised wire harness solutions and white paper

Schurter has announced its wire harness solutions with ready-to-connect cables, cable bundles and complete wire harnesses with connectors, contacts, or wire-end sleeves. Wire harne

Industrial | 22-11-2023

Single-phase block filter series extended with new high-performance model

Schurter has introduced its new FMAB NEO High-Performance single-phase block filter, designed to satisfy the demands of increasing EMI generated in modern-day electronic applicatio

Passives | 03-11-2023

Smart connector provides efficient solution for hospital and care home facilities

Large medical facilities have an immense pool of equipment, from station computers to laboratory devices to X-ray machines. Maintaining an overview of these resources demands intel

Test & Measurement | 17-10-2023

Filtered inlet delivers enhanced attenuation in compact package

Schurter has expanded its IEC filtered inlet family to include the latest 5124 series, which attains a much higher attenuation than earlier series 5120 and 5123. The enhanced filte

Power | 13-10-2023

New gen mechanical pushbuttons created with high-grade stainless steel

Schurter expands its momentary pushbutton switch series MSM to include the newest addition, the MSM II. The MSM Metal Line switch family has been employed on the market for over 30

Industrial | 08-09-2023

Managing equipment resources in the medical field

The Schurter Smart Connector DT31 with cloud connectivity provides an efficient solution for inventory management and monitoring of multiple electrical devices in a healthcare envi

Power | 07-09-2023

Appliance connectors set new benchmark in reducing CO2 footprint

Schurter continues its sustainability initiatives by presenting its new Green Line collection of high-quality components. As part of its sustainable strategy, these IEC 60320-1 app

Power | 03-08-2023

New touchless hidden switch can be concealed behind any surface

SCHURTER has released the innovative THS switch series with optical sensor technology that can be concealed behind any surface without mounting holes. A small opening in the user i

Test & Measurement | 23-06-2023