16W AC/DC series provides comprehensive certifications

RECOM has added new parts rated at 16W to its range of compact and cost-effective AC/DCs in industry-standard pinned and wired formats. Intended for straightforward integration int

Power | 06-06-2024

Ultra-wide input DC-DCs for e-mobility applications

RECOM's new 300W and 360W rated chassis-mount DC-DCs have an 18-106VDC input range. Reacting to the growing call for cost-effective DC-DC conversion in EV applications, the company

Power | 07-05-2024

Tiny encapsulated buck regulators supply up to 20A

Using the latest circuit and fabrication technology has enabled RECOM to offer a new range of low-cost, encapsulated buck regulators in ultra-compact, thermally enhanced LGA and QF

Power | 25-04-2024

Isolated and regulated DC-DC measures only 1.18mm tall

RECOM has set new standards for power density, cost-effectiveness, and performance with the release of its fully integrated RxxC1TF isolated DC-DC converter, which provides tightly

Power | 18-04-2024

Ultra-compact QFN SMT DC-DCs provide up to 6A

When board space is at a premium, a newly available range of miniature step-down non-isolated DC-DCs with integrated inductors could be the ideal solution. The parts in RECOM’s RPZ

Power | 05-03-2024

Regulated SMT DC-DCs suited to gate drive power

RECOM is simplifying the generation of gate drive bias voltages for a range of switch types with its new R24C2T25 DC-DC converter. Available in a convenient and cost-effective, 7.5

Power | 03-01-2024

DC-DCs for mobility includes 600W wide and extra-wide input versions

RECOM's 'ready-to-use' RMOD series of DC-DCs for mobility applications now includes two 600W versions – the RMOD600-W with 33.6V to 96V input range (125V/5 mins) with a 24V output

Power | 22-12-2023

DC-DCs ideal for mobility applications

RECOM has added to its range of cost-effective, regulated DC-DC converters for mobility applications with models rated at 400W output. The RMOD400-28-13SW offers a wide 16.8V to 56

Power | 21-12-2023

Practical knowledge book for analogue circuit design

Despite the advancement of semiconductor technology and the shift towards highly integrated digital electronics, every design engineer should have a concrete knowledge base of anal

Power | 09-11-2023

5W DC-DC now includes DIP24 package

RECOM's REC5K series has been extended with -RW versions in an industry-standard DIP24 plastic package. The cost-effective series operates over a 4:1 input range (9-36VDC) with a s

Power | 31-10-2023

5W DC-DC in DIP24 package provides 4:1 input range

RECOM now provides another option for customers requiring a 5W, wide input DC-DC with the new REC5K-RW in an economical, industry-standard, plastic DIP24 package. The input range i

Power | 20-10-2023

30W AC/DC range expanded with an open frame version

The RECOM RACM30-K/277 range of low-cost, board-mount AC/DCs has been expanded to include an open frame option, halving the weight compared with existing potted versions. The highl

Power | 09-10-2023

AC/DC power supply with 12V and 48V outputs and 800W peak power

RECOM has released two new cost-effective RACM600-L AC/DC series variants with 12V and 48V outputs. Adding to the current 24V output version, the new parts are also rated for exten

Power | 21-09-2023

Switching regulator features pre-formed leads

RECOM has added a pre-formed lead option to its popular 2A switching regulator. The RECOM R-78K-2.0 series is a cost-efficient drop-in replacement for through-hole ‘78 series’ thre

Power | 13-09-2023