Industrial PCAP kits for Raspberry Pi

Inelco Hunter offers an extended range of capacitive touch screen kit options for the Raspberry Pi: Three display sizes of 5", 7" and 10.1". Fully assembled with a Raspberry Pi or in kit form to add your own Pi and a rugged industrial case

Inelcohunter | 20-09-2023

New series of connected supercapacitor modules

Kyocera AVX has released the new SCM Series double-layer, series-connected electrochemical supercapacitor modules. The new series of connected supercapacitor modules can be employed by themselves or in conjunction with primary or seconda

Kyocera AVX | 18-09-2023

Microsoft Azure-certified IoT design kit for smart systems

With its new Calypso IoT Design Kit, Würth Elektronik presents an evaluation kit with pre-installed firmware, facilitating the simple creation and evaluation of secure end-to-end IoT solutions that utilise Microsoft's Azure IoT Central. The

Wurth | 18-09-2023

NTC thermistor series for critical temperature control introduced

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced its standard, stocked supply of NTC thermistor series to detect and measure heat or thermal energy and convert it into an electrical signal to monitor applications. The new, in-stock supply, with an easy-to-u

Littelfuse | 15-09-2023

High accuracy LDO fulfils noise-sensitive power conversion applications

Diodes Incorporated offers a 3A-rated LDO voltage regulator supporting 4.4µVRMS operation (at 0.8V output). Providing a clean supply, the AP7179D is highly optimised for powering noise-sensitive components, including high-performance SerDes

Diodes Inc | 14-09-2023

Development starter kit for fast haptics prototyping

TDK Corporation offers a new development starter kit for fast haptics prototyping. It provides mechanical designers and engineers with first impressions of the haptic feedback with PowerHap piezo actuators, illustrates how the mechanical in

TDK | 13-09-2023

Rapid deployment inflatable EMI shielded RF enclosures

Saelig Company, Inc. has released the Select Fabricators Series 700 EMI Enclosures – reliable, portable, and lightweight RF and EMI shielding enclosures in standard sizes with a fast-up inflatable frame, ready for operation in less than 60

Saelig | 12-09-2023

Pressure sensors for high-flow oxygen device applications

Mouser now ships the VN Series pressure sensors from Superior Sensor Technology. The sensor series is a comprehensive set of pressure sensors for ventilator and high-flow oxygen devices. The pressure sensors are based on Superior’s Nimbl

Mouser Electronics | 07-09-2023

Managing equipment resources in the medical field

The Schurter Smart Connector DT31 with cloud connectivity provides an efficient solution for inventory management and monitoring of multiple electrical devices in a healthcare environment. The standalone 'plug and play' Smart Connector i

Schurter | 07-09-2023

Next generation motherboards Alder Lake N-Series added to portfolio

With the new K3931-N mITX motherboards, Kontron offers successors to the proven "Gemini Lake" series and expands its portfolio of compact and energy-saving motherboards with the "Made in Germany" seal. The mITX boards rely on the Intel Core

Rutronik | 05-09-2023

New choke series mitigates EMI issues in robotics and motor drives

Schaffner has expanded its range of filtering solutions for suppressing EMI with a new common-mode choke series created for use with mid-size power range drives often employed in robotics and motor drives. If not dealt with, EMI may caus

Schaffner EMV AG | 05-09-2023

Professional TFT display solutions for industrial and medical applications

Review Display Systems has introduced a new range of TFT display modules from leading global display manufacturer Tianma. The P-series (Professional series) has been designed and created to fulfil the challenging demands and necessities of

Review Display | 01-09-2023

MCUs for low-memory applications needing high-speed performance

Mouser now stocks the RA4E2 MCUs from Renesas Electronics. Featuring a 100MHz Arm Cortex-M33 core, the MCUs provide an entry-level solution for creating low-memory, low-pin count, small-package applications. The MCUs deliver robust perip

Mouser Electronics | 31-08-2023

Latest fanless ultra-compact GaN FET AC/DC power adapter

TRUMPower has integrated its GaN technology to power its latest 450W power adapter series, the TGM450. The power supplies have an average efficiency of up to 95% and meet the need for compact and fanless power adapters to be used in industr

TRUMPower | 25-08-2023