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New digital standard cell library launched

Agile Analog now offers its Digital Standard Cell Library (DSCL). It offers a comprehensive library of digital cells allowing designers to implement the digital circuits needed to control analog blocks in mixed-signal solutions. The new dig

Agile Analog | 29-09-2022

O-band tech can reduce the cost of building 5G networks

Salumanus is one of the first companies to reintroduce a complete network solution based on O-band, a type of optical transmission with notable cost-saving advantages for 5G networks. After months of testing, the GBC Photonics QSFP28 optica

Salumanus | 29-09-2022

New catalogue offers 80 market-ready inductive position sensor designs

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released a catalogue of reference designs for its inductive position sensors targeted at automotive and industrial electric motors. With the Resolver 4.0 Catalog, engineers have a resource of 80 instant d

Renesas | 27-09-2022

Revolutionising verification productivity with AI-driven platform

Cadence Design Systems, Inc has revealed the Cadence Verisium AI-Driven Verification Platform, a suite of applications employing big data and AI to optimise verification workloads, boost coverage and speed up root cause analysis of bugs. Th

Cadence | 26-09-2022

New tool analyses critical paths and displays generic heatmaps

PragmaDev Process aims to verify and optimise business process models described with BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). The new version of the tool presents generic heatmaps and can automatically calculate the critical path. Sin

PragmaDev | 09-09-2022

Retrofit surveillance with NDAA compliant cameras

Teledyne FLIR is at the forefront of the effort to prioritise data protection and build reliable security solutions. For government bodies, security integrators, and mission-critical customers looking to retrofit their surveillance systems

Teledyne FLIR | 08-09-2022

FeatherWing developer boards offer a whole stack of functions

Würth Elektronik offers a series of FeatherWings for the Feather development system from Adafruit. The four boards are fully compatible with the Feather form factor. With these development boards stackable on Adafruit's Feather microcontrol

Wurth | 06-09-2022

Edge gateways qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass

Advantech has announced that its UNO series of IoT edge gateways have qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass, an IoT open source edge runtime and cloud service that supports the development, deployment, and management of device software. This mea

Advantech | 06-09-2022

Podcasts announce the latest tech trends shaping the future

Mouser offers listeners and followers a vast range of technical and professional resources, with a resource site dedicated to its engaging podcast episodes. The site provides all episodes from the Empowering Innovation Together podcast seri

Mouser Electronics | 05-09-2022

Improving the digital twin creation process for smart manufacturing

Zuken has released its E3.series 2022, providing enhancements to empower design teams to deliver digital twins with functional and manufacturing details captured in a single cutting-edge tool suite. The enhancements to the upgrade cover all

Zuken Ltd | 02-09-2022

Transceiver EVM can perform a system-level evaluation

Texas Instruments TCAN1043AEVM Transceiver Evaluation Module (EVM) assists users in evaluating the operation and performance of the TCAN1043A-Q1 and TCAN1043M-Q1 CAN FD transceivers in the SOT (DYY) package. The ability to perform a system-

Mouser Electronics | 01-09-2022

Cloud kit for smart home and industrial monitoring applications

Mouser now stocks the CK-RX65N Cloud Kit from Renesas Electronics. The kit delivers a complete connectivity solution to rapidly develop IoT cloud prototypes without needing complex, custom circuitry and software stacks. The kit allows users

Mouser Electronics | 31-08-2022

Multi-camera solution offers 4K resolution for a wide range of applications

e-con Systems has released NileCAM81_CUOAGX, a 4K HDR GMSL2 multi-camera solution for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin/AGX Xavier based on the half-inch AR0821 sensor from onsemi. The solution has a pixel size of 2.1µm x 2.1µm, which offers high s

e-con Systems | 31-08-2022

Wireless in practice seminars offer innovations and best practices

Würth Elektronik and Nordic Semiconductor are on a seminar tour through Vienna, Zurich, Hanover and Munich, where practitioners will impart innovations, trends and best practices on hardware, firmware and software. "Learning endangers st

Wurth | 26-08-2022

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