Transceiver EVM can perform a system-level evaluation

01-09-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments TCAN1043AEVM Transceiver Evaluation Module (EVM) assists users in evaluating the operation and performance of the TCAN1043A-Q1 and TCAN1043M-Q1 CAN FD transceivers in the SOT (DYY) package. The ability to perform a system-level evaluation using the VIO, EN, INH, nSTB, VSUP, WAKE, and nFAULT pins can be realised on the evaluation module. It also offers bus termination, bus filtering, and protection components.

The EVM provides simple connections to all required pins of the CAN transceiver device and jumpers where necessary to offer flexibility for device pin and CAN bus configuration. There are test points (loops) for all main points where probing is required for evaluation, such as GND, VCC, TXD, RXD, CANH, CANL, EN, nFAULT, and WAKE. The evaluation module supports many options for CAN bus configuration, and termination can be selectively enabled via jumpers.

PCB footprints are provided for common protection/filter components for the CAN bus and are silkscreen labelled thoroughly for easy use.