New tool analyses critical paths and displays generic heatmaps

09-09-2022 | PragmaDev | Design & Manufacture

PragmaDev Process aims to verify and optimise business process models described with BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). The new version of the tool presents generic heatmaps and can automatically calculate the critical path.

Since version 2.0, it integrates a statistical simulator based on BPSim, a complementary notation to BPMN. Time and cost details are added to any element in the model with a possible statistical variability. Executions are automatically launched with this information to evaluate the performance of the process.

In a business process, the critical path is the sequence of activities that leads to the actual overall execution time with the least inactivity. Any extra delay in that sequence of events will impact the overall process time, which is why it is essential to analyse the critical path. After each run of the simulation, it will calculate the critical path so that, after the whole simulation, statistical information for each symbol will be graphically displayed.

This new version also enables users to connect to a generic heatmap of the model to display some quantitative information with colours graphically. The heatmap file format is XML based and refers to the different symbols in the model. For each symbol, a value is associated as well as a text. The whole diagram has a "minimum colour" and a "maximum colour". The rule to calculate the colour for each value is configurable. The text associated with each symbol is displayed in a tooltip in the BPMN editor.