New catalogue offers 80 market-ready inductive position sensor designs

27-09-2022 | Renesas | Design & Manufacture

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released a catalogue of reference designs for its inductive position sensors targeted at automotive and industrial electric motors. With the Resolver 4.0 Catalog, engineers have a resource of 80 instant designs based on the IPS2 motor commutation sensors, with each reference design aimed at a unique motor shaft or pole-pair configuration. These reference solutions are supplied with complete design files, measurement reports, tools and guidelines to assist engineers in reducing their design learning curve and speed up the time to hardware production.

The catalogue provides market-ready solutions that may be implemented in various applications, including automotive systems, servo motors, robotics, home automation and medical. The reference designs possess completed schematics, fully wired PCB designs, and Gerber files, permitting engineers to start building working sensing solutions immediately. The company complements these reference designs with software stacks, full tool support, documentation such as measurement reports, BOM and more. In particular, the Renesas Inductive Coil Optimisation Tool (ICOT) allows the design of optimised sensing elements based on experiments with air gap variations and performance simulations, incorporating accuracy and error analysis offered in the catalogue. Furthermore, users can visit its website to view the IPS webinars and learn about best design practices.

“One of the biggest challenges for designers using inductive position sensors is the wide range of variables such as dimensions, designs of the sensing elements, shaft arrangements and number of pole pairs,” said Jan Leuckfeld, senior director of Product Marketing at Renesas’ Automotive Analog/Sensor Business Division. “Our comprehensive PCB designs in the Resolver 4.0 Catalogue offer key elements for each solution and are fully optimised and tested to meet the diverse needs of these motor control systems. Developers can now choose from more than 80 turn-key designs available from the catalogue to select a customised working solution for their application.”