Wireless in practice seminars offer innovations and best practices

26-08-2022 | Wurth | Design & Manufacture

Würth Elektronik and Nordic Semiconductor are on a seminar tour through Vienna, Zurich, Hanover and Munich, where practitioners will impart innovations, trends and best practices on hardware, firmware and software.

"Learning endangers stupidity": Not without a pinch of humour, the two companies are partnering to hold seminars on the subject of radio in four cities in the DACH region, including Vienna on October 10, 2022; Zurich on October 12, 2022; Hanover on October 18, 2022; and finally, Munich on October 20, 2022.

In these free, one-day events, experienced practitioners from the companies will offer information on new and established products such as 2.4GHz radio modules and talk about combination options, software strategies, SDKs, hardware integration and certification. Specific applications will also be considered. These include topics such as home automation (Apple Home Kit, Thread, Matter - how wireless modules from Würth Elektronik can be used).

Between presentations, attendees will have ample opportunity to ask questions, visit an exposition, and take part in technical discussions with travel experts. Each seminar participant will receive a certificate and a gift upon completion of the event.

The registration deadline for all seminars is September 15, 2022.

By Seb Springall