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Automotive-qualified deserializer for 1MP/60fps and 2MP/30fps cameras

The Texas Instruments DS90UB934-Q1 FPD-Link III deserializer, in conjunction with the DS90UB913A/933-Q1 serializers, supports the video transport needs with an ultra-high-speed forward channel and an embedded bidirectional control channel.

Texas Instruments | 03-02-2017

Non-volatile memory technology has extended temperature range for automotive applications

Fujitsu Electronics Europe has launched its new FRAM solution MB85RS256TY. It is the first component of a completely new product group which is designed for an operating temperature of up to 125C and is qualified according to the AEC Q100 i

Fujitsu | 03-02-2017

Microcontroller meets safety standards for automotive ADAS applications

The AURIX TC275 microcontroller from Infineon and available now from RS Components is a triple TriCore 32-bit device with many features designed to help your design meet the Functional Safety standard of ISO 26262 ASIL-D for automotive ADAS

RS Components | 30-01-2017

Digital signal processors for automotive audio applications

Available from Digi-Key, Analog Devices’ ADSPSC58X and ADSP-2158X family of dual core 450MHz SHARC DSP come with and without single ARM Cortex-A5 processors. Each part comes with SHARC SRAM with up to 640kB. Ideal applications include a

Digikey | 25-01-2017

Automotive-grade MLCCs for high-temperature applications

TDK Corporation has expanded its CGA series of automotive-grade MLCCs for high-temperature applications. New MLCCs with X8L temperature characteristics have been introduced and the capacitance range of its existing X8R types has been extend

TDK | 25-01-2017

Bluetooth low energy portfolio offers compatibility and automotive qualification

Delivering more available memory, Bluetooth 5-ready hardware, automotive qualification and a new ultra-small wafer-chip-scale package (WCSP) option, Texas Instruments has two new devices in its scalable SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy wire

Texas Instruments | 23-01-2017

ADC is ideal for space-constrained and fast-scanning automotive applications

The ADS7029-Q1 device, from Texas Instruments, is an automotive Q100-qualified, 8-bit, 2-MSPS, analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The device supports a wide analog input voltage range (2.35V to 3.6V) and includes a capacitor-based, successi

Texas Instruments | 18-01-2017

Automotive qualified single-supply rail-to-rail output operational amplifier

The Texas Instruments’ OPA172-Q1, OPA2172-Q1, and OPA4172-Q1 (OPAx172-Q1) are a family of 36V, single-supply, low-noise operational amplifiers capable of operating on supplies ranging from 4.5V (±2.25V) to 36V (±18V). The devices are availa

Texas Instruments | 12-01-2017

Automotive chipsets support functional safety in high resolution displays

ROHM and LAPIS Semiconductor have announced the availability of chipsets designed to drive and control automotive LCDs, including larger high resolution monitors used for navigation and the instrument cluster. In recent years the adopti

ROHM Semiconductor | 12-01-2017

Automotive TVS diodes protect from load dump and voltage transients

Littelfuse's AEC-Q101 qualified TP5KP series automotive TVS diodes offer a 5000W peak pulse power dissipation rating in a standard P600 axial-lead package. They are available now from Digi-Key. Their high peak pulse power dissipation rating

Digikey | 09-01-2017

Automotive radar solution bolsters ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles

Renesas Electronics’ first RH850-based, 32-bit, automotive radar MCU series, the RH850/V1R, claims to deliver the high performance and features required for enabling future ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles. The RH850/V1R-M, the first pr

Renesas | 06-01-2017

Automotive single-channel digital potentiometer features I2C interface

The TPL0401x-10-Q1 device, from Texas Instruments, is a single-channel, linear-taper digital potentiometer with 128 wiper positions. It has the low terminal internal and connected to GND. The position of the wiper can be adjusted using an I

Texas Instruments | 04-01-2017

Automotive four-channel class-D amp with load dump protection

Texas Instruments’ TAS5414C is a four-channel Class-D audio amplifier designed for use in automotive head units and external amplifier modules. It provides four channels at 23W continuously into 4ohm at less than 1% THD+N from a 14.4V suppl

Texas Instruments | 30-12-2016

Safety microcontroller lineup suitable for autonomous driving

Renesas Electronics today announced four new RH850/P1L-C Group of MCUs. The device group is designed for use in chassis and safety systems, such as anti-lock brake and airbag systems, as well as compact motor control systems. The device is

Renesas | 19-12-2016