Making connections across hybrid and electric racing platforms

10-03-2021 | Lane Motorsport | Automotive Technologies

Avoiding today's green EV revolution is hard since it’s all over the front pages, as manufacturers announce new vehicles as well as their plans to replace the current polluting models in time for the deadlines set by various countries.

“At Lane Motorsport, we have been supplying connector solutions to support the EV revolution in motorsport for several years now,” says Lane’s Peter Costin. “And these connector systems are finding their way into all types of motorsport platforms, including all levels of racing cars, bikes and boats. We also support several Formula Student teams currently developing their own electric racing cars, incorporating some very innovative ideas.” Adds Peter Costin.

As the move to EVs in racing speeds up, every serious autosport team moves towards a fully electric platform while adding more 'hybridisation' to their offerings.

Designers require ever more complex cable assemblies and harnesses that are smaller and lighter connectors and have more contacts, a higher current capability and much faster signal and data speeds to cope with the developments.

“We have ranges of connector systems designed specifically for autosport that are currently being specified for many on-board applications across petrol, hybrid and fully electric racing platforms,” says Costin. “In addition to the traditional connector applications found in today’s racing cars, we expect to see an increase in the need for smaller and lighter sensor connectors that are equally resistant to demanding environments. These will be located around the power packs and the power pack cooling systems as well the motors and their control and monitoring systems.”

Many of these EV connector applications are ideal for the latest 8STA connector systems produced by Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton, for whom Lane Motorsport is a value-add distributor. Designed and made to satisfy the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999, these tiny circular connectors are the preferred connector solutions over the world of competitive motorsport for sensors and electronics systems in applications such as engine management, data acquisition, steering wheel systems, telemetry, fuel tanks and hybrid energy recovery systems.

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