Data acquisition system manages high-voltage and low-voltage battery modules

01-04-2021 | Maxim | Automotive & Transport

Maxim Integrated MAX17852 14-Channel Data Acquisition System, available now from Mouser, is a flexible data acquisition system for managing high-voltage and low-voltage battery modules. The device measures 14 cell voltages, one current measurement, and a mixture of four temperatures or system voltages with fully redundant measurement engines in 263μs or performs all inputs only with the ADC measurement engine in 156μs. The system provides 14 internal balancing switches rated for >300mA for cell-balancing current, each supporting comprehensive built-in diagnostics. As many as 32 devices can be daisy-chained to manage 448 cells and monitor more than 100 temperatures.

This system can shut itself down in the event of a thermal overload by measuring its own die temperature. Applications include high-voltage battery stacks, EVs, HEVs, battery-powered tools, battery backup systems, and more.

By Natasha Shek