Reliable and small ultra-low-power microcontroller for complex sensor designs

In the DARWIN family, the Maxim Integrated MAX32672 is an ultra-low-power, highly integrated, cost-effective, and highly reliable 32-bit microcontroller, allowing designs with comp

Semiconductors | 25-07-2022

Battery management IC delivers longer battery runtime

Analog Devices has released the MAX17330 battery management IC with integrated fuel gauge and advanced battery protection for one-cell lithium-ion/polymer batteries that provides a

Semiconductors | 24-11-2021

Multi-phase AI power chipset delivers high efficiency and small size

Designers of high-performance, high-power AI systems can now realise the highest efficiency (to lessen power cost and heat) and smallest total solution size with the MAX16602 AI co

Semiconductors | 26-08-2021

Companies team to provide fastest and lowest-power IoT face detection

Maxim Integrated Products its MAX78000 ultra-low-power neural-network microcontroller detects and localises faces in video and images using Xailient’s proprietary Detectum neural n

New Technologies | 30-07-2021

Hand-held camera cube reference design enables AI at the edge

Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAXREFDES178# camera cube reference design, demonstrating how AI applications previously restricted to machines with large power and cost

Design & Manufacture | 23-07-2021

Backlight driver sustains full and constant brightness of in-car displays

Maxim Integrated Products has released the four-channel, low-voltage MAX25512 automotive LED backlight driver with integrated boost converter. It is claimed to be the only integrat

Automotive & Transport | 09-07-2021

Infrared-based dynamic sensor detects gestures at greater distances

Maxim Integrated Products has launched the next generation of its infrared-based dynamic optical sensor, able to sense a wider range of gestures at extended distances. The MAX25405

Test & Measurement | 05-07-2021

Lowest-noise class D/G amplifier enables placement in near-silent environments

Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX98396 Class D/G speaker amplifier with what is claimed to be the industry’s lowest noise and lowest quiescent power consumption, offer

Power | 30-06-2021

Automotive window voltage monitor with built-in self-test for ADAS

Designers working to deliver automotive functional safety in ADAS can now decrease solution size and complexity with the MAX16137 single-window voltage monitor with BIST from Maxim

Automotive & Transport | 17-06-2021

Small and accurate isolated system-monitoring solution

Maxim Integrated Products has expanded the MAXSafe Technology line with the MAX22530. This device is an isolated, field-side self-powered 12-bit system monitor. Featuring four chan

Test & Measurement | 10-06-2021

Regulator delivers smallest size and tightest accuracy for supercapacitor backup

System architects exploring backup power utilising supercapacitor or other energy sources can now achieve the best combination of highest efficiency and smallest size with the Cont

Passives | 07-06-2021

Four output mini PMIC for camera applications

Maxim Integrated MAX25250 Four Output Mini PMIC, available now from Mouser, is a high-efficiency, four-output PMIC that combines three DC-DC converters and a high-PSRR LDO designed

Semiconductors | 13-05-2021

Companies team to provide lowest-power IoT person detection

Maxim Integrated Products and Aizip Inc have announced that Maxim’s MAX78000 neural-network microcontroller detects people in an image utilising Aizip’s Visual Wake Words (VWW) mod

Test & Measurement | 22-04-2021

Data acquisition system manages high-voltage and low-voltage battery modules

Maxim Integrated MAX17852 14-Channel Data Acquisition System, available now from Mouser, is a flexible data acquisition system for managing high-voltage and low-voltage battery mod

Automotive & Transport | 01-04-2021