Expanded compact waterproof detector switch line up

22-03-2021 | Alps | Automotive Technologies

Alps Alpine has expanded its SPVQ8 Series line up of compact switches for aiding the detection of opening and closing of vehicle doors and has launched the SPVQ8H Series.

The series of compact detector switches are among the smallest available and are offered in an extensive assortment.

As the electrification of vehicles progresses and electronic components inside them must be made even smaller and lighter, then door latches, too, need smaller detector switches in keeping with a widespread trend toward thinner, more compact structures. Due to increasing demand for long-stroke switches to raise design freedom for customers and allow diverse latch cam operation, the company is increasing its existing series lineup of compact detector switches with the addition of actuator-included variations. Actuator-included switches broaden limits of detection (vertically and sideways) and improve consistency. They also serve to extend operating life by cushioning impact.

For hood latches and side door latches, detector switch wire harnesses must have high tensile strength and actuators need to be durable. The company is therefore launching the new series, adding casings (two types available) to current products to improve robustness and enhance mounting compatibility.

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