Companies co-design new current sensor for high-power automotive applications

LEM states that the transition to a decarbonised economy is accelerating fast, and the demand for innovative technologies is growing to support the large-scale adoption of EVs. The

Power | 02-02-2024

Residual current monitors offer high reliability and safety to home EV charger users

LEM has released a new product in its CDSR series of Residual Current Monitors. Now offered with three output types – fault output, SPI bus, and analog output – the new product bri

Power | 11-01-2024

Current sensor for three-phase automotive traction inverter power modules

LEM has released the HAH3DR S07/SP42, a new compact current sensor designed for 800V three-phase power modules. Developers of automotive traction inverters are increasingly utilisi

Power | 30-11-2023

New DC energy meter provides kWh-based charging experience for DC wallboxes

LEM will use PCIM 2023 to provide the global e-mobility market advance notice of its new DC energy meter for DC wallbox chargers of EVs. The DCBM 100 energy meter will be launched

Power | 28-06-2023

DC energy meter provides kWh-based charging experience for DC wall boxes

LEM offers its new DC energy meter for DC wall box EV chargers. Providing compliance with all the latest metrology regulations, the DCBM 100 energy meter will be released to the EU

Power | 05-05-2023

Current sensor has best-in-class charge measurement accuracy for Li-ion EV batteries

The CAB 1500 is the most recent member of LEM’s CAB series of automotive-grade design sensors that uses the properties of fluxgate transducer technology to provide the high accurac

Power | 04-04-2023

Small footprint current sensor for high-power EV traction inverters

Measuring only 29mm x 21mm x 12mm and weighing just 27g, LEM's new HSTDR current sensor is especially more compact than a conventional C-core sensor, making it much simpler to be i

Power | 23-02-2023

First integrated current sensor with Sigma Delta bitstream output

LEM has launched the HMSR DA, the first Integrated Current Sensor on the market to provide a Sigma Delta bitstream output. As the latest model of the HMSR family, it is being unvei

Test & Measurement | 11-05-2022

Accurate current measurement transducer for test and measurement applications

LEM provides record levels of accuracy performance in current sensing with the launch of its IN 200 current measurement transducer. Claimed to be the most accurate sensor of its ki

Test & Measurement | 02-02-2022

High bandwidth current sensor delivers excellent performance for SiC MOSFET applications

LEM has introduced a unique new high bandwidth (1MHz) open-loop sensor able to current sense in some of the severest environments. This new addition completes the entire range of s

Test & Measurement | 06-12-2021

High accuracy transducer for current measurement of trackside applications

LEM has launched a new current transducer series, excellent for retrofitting trackside applications or decreasing the cost of new installations. Due to its robust design and standa

Passives | 25-10-2021

New leakage current sensor for electric vehicle charging stations

LEM has launched the CDSR, a new leakage current sensor based on its open-loop Fluxgate Technology. The CDSR is innovative, remarkably compact and safe, enabling manufacturers to o

Automotive & Transport | 22-03-2021

Innovative and certified DC meter solution for EV chargers

LEM has launched its new DC meter solution, a smart and most compact DC Billing Meter (DCBM), fully compliant with the German 'Eichrecht' regulation. The DCBM is a smart and compac

Automotive & Transport | 16-11-2020

Compact panel-mounted voltage measurement for industrial applications

The LEM DVC 1000 series provides panel-mounted voltage measurement in a compact package, measuring only 29mm x 51mm x 89mm, giving a total volume of just 131.6cm3. Designed to meas

Power | 07-07-2020