Global partnership for next-gen BLE in advanced IoT device development

Laird Connectivity has announced a new addition to its Bluetooth portfolio via the extended development partnership with Silicon Labs. The forthcoming Lyra 24 Series of flexible BL

Power | 31-05-2023

SOM combines powerful edge processing with Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity

Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices have announced the Nitrogen8M Plus in a SMARC form factor. It is the first product in its SOM portfolio to conform to the SMARC industry sta

Industrial | 11-04-2023

Thermoelectric coolers speed up PCR testing

Thermal Cycling devices employed for real-time PCR use thermoelectric technology to precisely manage temperature set points and ramp rates, facilitating amplification of DNA segmen

Subs & Systems | 09-02-2022

Online thermoelectric modelling tool for PCR design engineers

Laird Thermal Systems has launched an online simulation tool for PCR thermal cycling applications. Thermoelectric coolers produced for thermal cycling, such as the PowerCycling PCX

Design & Manufacture | 05-11-2021

Miniature thermoelectric coolers for high-temperature optoelectronics

Laird Thermal Systems has released its enhanced OptoTEC OTX/HTX Series of miniature thermoelectric coolers intended for high-temperature environments found in industrial, telecom,

Subs & Systems | 03-08-2021

Thermoelectric cooler series increases reliability of PCR cycling

Laird Thermal Systems has launched the PowerCycling PCX series of thermoelectric coolers to satisfy demanding thermal cycling applications seen in molecular diagnostics, PCR and po

Subs & Systems | 06-05-2021

High-temperature thermoelectric coolers cool optical sensors in ADAS

ADAS employ a mixture of imaging sensors, cameras and lasers to enhance vehicle safety and create better driving conditions. Most of these optical devices are heat sensitive and re

Automotive & Transport | 25-03-2021

Thermoelectric coolers deliver precise spot-cooling for industrial lasers

The new UltraTEC UTX Series thermoelectric cooler from Laird Thermal Systems produces precise spot cooling to preserve peak performance of lasers and optoelectronics. Due to its so

Subs & Systems | 16-02-2021

Thermoelectric cooler maintains peak performance in machine vision systems

By combining image-processing and pattern-recognition techniques, machine vision systems offer advanced inspection within quality control, robotics and wire bonding. The new HiTemp

Subs & Systems | 04-01-2021

Conductive elastomer extrusions offer environmental sealing

Laird Performance Materials Electroseal Conductive Elastomer Extrusions, available now from Mouser, offer environmental sealing and excellent mechanical and electromagnetic shieldi

Subs & Systems | 02-12-2020

Thermoelectric coolers provide temperature stability for outdoor security cameras

Imaging sensors and other sensitive camera components such as FPGA's need active cooling to maintain operating temperatures under their maximum limit, providing high-quality image

Test & Measurement | 09-11-2020

Thermoelectric coolers deliver active cooling in high-temperature environments

Laird Thermal Systems has created a thermoelectric module series that is rated for high temperature in developing optoelectronic applications. The HiTemp ETX Series thermoele

Subs & Systems | 03-09-2020

Eco-friendly chiller efficiently cools 3D printing systems

The Nextreme Recirculating Chiller Platform available from Laird Thermal Systems provides reliable and precise temperature control of 3D printing systems employed in additive manuf

Subs & Systems | 24-06-2020

Next generation eco-friendly recirculating chillers

Laird Thermal Systems now offers its next generation of eco-friendly recirculating chillers for exact temperature control of medical, analytical and industrial equipment. The Nextr

Subs & Systems | 27-05-2020