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New single-position terminal blocks feature mix-and-match colour options

CUI Devices’ Interconnect Group has announced a new range of single-position terminal blocks with blue, green, red, white, and yellow colour options that can be intermixed to create colour-coded wire connections. The TBL-0014-750, TBL-0015-

CUI Devices | 03-07-2024

Global virtual showroom highlights cutting-edge automotive connectivity solutions

Molex has announced the launch of its Virtual Automotive Showroom, an immersive online experience designed to showcase the company's latest innovations in automotive connectivity. Following the success of its first virtual showroom, which w

Molex | 03-07-2024

Automotive interconnect portfolio expanded with sealed bulkhead plug for RG-174 cable

Amphenol RF has introduced the IP67 waterproof FAKRA generation two rear mount bulkhead straight plug into its extensive automotive portfolio. This connector is designed to fulfil the industry-standard RG-174 cable type, which provides exce

Amphenol | 02-07-2024

Reference design accelerates EV charger development

Arrow Electronics has revealed a data-communication reference design for EV charging that combines software stacks for state-of-the-art protocols and a HomePlug Green PHY hardware module. The reference design helps accelerate time-to-market

Arrow | 02-07-2024

IR light source developed combining features of VCSELs and LEDs

ROHM has established VCSELED, a new infrared light source technology that encapsulates a VCSEL element in a resin optical diffusion material for laser light. It is currently developing this technology for commercialisation as a light source

ROHM Semiconductor | 28-06-2024

High-capacity DC relay provides greater power density for ESS and bidirectional EV charging

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released a new high-capacity DC relay for high-capacity household ESS, bidirectional EV chargers, and UPS systems. The G9KB-E builds upon the functionality of the G9KB family. It provides a maximum

Omron | 26-06-2024

Space-saving TVS diodes offer excellent voltage clamping capability

TTI IP&E - Europe has introduced a new series of leadless surface-mount PAR uni- and bi-directional TVS from Vishay. The T6NxCA series provides the high-temperature stability and high-reliability requirements needed in automotive enviro

TTI Europe | 26-06-2024

Isolated gate driver portfolio expanded with combo chip

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has launched the third product in its High Voltage Power-Thru portfolio. Its two-chip AHV85000 and AHV85040 isolated gate-driver IC solutions work together with external transformers to deliver the freedom to desi

Allegro | 26-06-2024

MCU offers low-power and high-performance technology

In the realm of MCUs, Atmel's ATMEGA32M1-AU stands out, representing the pinnacle of low-power, high-performance MCU design. The device is available now from WIN SOURCE. This device provides a powerful feature set and adaptability, which is

WIN SOURCE | 25-06-2024

Automotive temperature sensors provide multichannel thermal control

Mouser now stocks Microchip Technology's MCP998x automotive temperature sensors. This family of AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified multichannel sensors measures temperatures with 1C accuracy up to 85C and 2.5C up to 125C. The sensors deliver precis

Mouser Electronics | 24-06-2024

New common mode choke delivers superior performance within same size

Schaffner has announced the launch of a new common mode choke for industrial applications. This choke delivers higher performance than previous versions while retaining the same mechanical volume. Based on nanocrystalline core technology

Schaffner Holding AG | 24-06-2024

EV DC-DC converters benefit from new high-voltage MLCC

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has introduced the CL32B104KHU6PN# high-voltage MLCC for EV applications such as DC-DC converters. Mass production of the new X7R MLCC, which provides 100nF capacitance and a maximum rated voltage of 630V, is now u

Samsung Electro-Mechanics | 24-06-2024

Fast stray field robust motor position detection

Rutronik is expanding its portfolio of Hall effect sensors with the Micronas HAL 302x family from TDK. The device measures vertical magnetic field components (BZ). Developers can choose between two sensor models (HAL 3020 and HAL 3021) for

Rutronik | 24-06-2024

Open access platform accelerates software-defined vehicle development

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched R-Car Open Access (RoX), a development platform for software-defined vehicles (SDVs) that combines all essential hardware, OS, software, and tools required for automotive developers to rapidly de

Renesas | 21-06-2024