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Companies collaborate on new car AI-based steering system

Arrow Electronics Inc. has developed a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered steering system. Powered by an advanced NVIDIA processor, it employs facial recognition technology to control the latest SAM (Semi-Autonomous Mobility) Car. Quadriplegi

Arrow | 20-06-2024

Automotive-grade thin film wide termination chip resistors now available

Applications for surface mount chip resistors with high power needs typically mean higher circuit temperatures due to thermal resistance limitations. One of the most common and economical options for decreasing the effects of power is wide

Stackpole | 19-06-2024

Bi-directional DC converter now available for diverse test applications

Intepro Systems offers the availability of Cinergia’s B2C+ Bi-Directional DC Converter, revolutionising DC Test Platform Efficiency and Flexibility. This advanced converter provides unmatched efficiency, multichannel flexibility and high-re

Intepro | 19-06-2024

New industrial panel PCs enhances efficiency in manufacturing and logistics

Delta has revealed its latest innovation – a new series of Industrial Panel PCs designed to boost efficiency and reliability in critical operations across various industries. Available in 12", 15", and 19" models, these PPCs offer multi-poi

Delta Electronics | 19-06-2024

MOSFETs improve on-state resistance and switching efficiency in automotive applications

Infineon Technologies AG is extending its portfolio of next-generation OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs for automotive applications: the portfolio of 40V products now includes further devices in robust, lead-free packages. In addition, 80V and 100V OptiMO

Infineon | 18-06-2024

Revised reference book on wireless power transmission expanded

The reference book 'Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer' by Würth Elektronik is now offered in a revised second edition. The practice-oriented reference book comprises three parts: Basic Principles of Wireless Power Transmission, Wireless Po

Wurth | 18-06-2024

New 2-in-1 SiC MOSFET moulded module significantly reduces the size of xEV inverters

ROHM has developed four models as part of the TRCDRIVE pack series with 2-in-1 SiC moulded modules (two 750V-rated: BSTxxxD08P4A1x4, two 1,200V-rated: BSTxxxD12P4A1x1) optimised for xEV traction inverters. The TRCDRIVE pack supports up to 3

ROHM Semiconductor | 17-06-2024

SiC diodes portfolio now addresses automotive and wider industrial applications

Nexperia has announced that its class-leading 650V, 10A SiC Schottky diode is now automotive qualified (PSC1065H-Q) and offered in real-two-pin (R2P) DPAK (TO-252-2) packaging, making it suited to various applications in EVs and other autom

Nexperia | 17-06-2024

Automotive-grade chip inductor series is a space-saving solution for power over coax circuits

Bourns, Inc. has introduced its Model CWP3230A Series chip inductors. These AEC-Q200-compliant automotive-grade inductors provide high current, inductance, and impedance in a compact form factor. The new series’ high impedance and current c

Bourns | 14-06-2024

High-efficiency PFET buck controller simplifies advanced power management solutions

WIN SOURCE now offers the Texas Instruments LM3485MMX/NOPB PFET buck controller, which stands out as a versatile and highly efficient device designed to meet the demands of various power management applications. This component offers develo

WIN SOURCE | 14-06-2024

AC/DC split core current sensor for wide-bandwidth and high-current applications

Yokogawa Test and Measurement Corporation has released the CT1000S AC/DC split core current sensor. The device combines the accuracy of the company's conventional current sensors with the convenience of a clamp design and provides a high CM

Yokogawa | 13-06-2024

New SJ MOSFET family for advanced and cost-effective power supply applications

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the 600V CoolMOS 8 high-voltage SJ MOSFET product family. The devices combine the best features of the 600V CoolMOS 7 MOSFET series and are the successors to the P7, PFD7, C7, CFD7, G7, and S7 product

Infineon | 13-06-2024

Second-gen automotive grade inductor with integrated EMI shield in 4040 case size

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has expanded its IHLE series of low-profile, high-current inductors featuring integrated E-field shields with a new second-generation Automotive Grade device in the 10mm x 10mm 4040 case size. Providing an impro

Vishay | 13-06-2024

Solution makes it easier to design an OBC solutions

The market for BEVs and PHEVs continues to grow as the push towards decarbonisation requires sustainable solutions to reduce emissions. A critical application for EVs is the OBC, which converts AC power into DC power to recharge the vehicle

Microchip Technology | 12-06-2024